Where does Progressive Debt Relief do business?

Progressive Debt Relief is a debt resolution firm based in Winter Springs, FL. It was founded in 2006 and offers debt resolution services in 1 states around the country.

What does Progressive Debt Relief do?

Progressive Debt Relief offers debt relief services for unsecured debt such as credit card debt, personal loans and medical debt.

What does Progressive Debt Relief charge?

Progressive Debt Relief's fees start at 20% and go up to 25% of the enrolled debt depending on the amount of enrolled debt provided. Debt relief service pricing / costs can vary greatly from one client to another so it's best to speak to Progressive Debt Relief directly to determine an accurate quote. 

Does Progressive Debt Relief offer a guarantee?

No, Progressive Debt Relief does not offer a money back guarantee.

What is the minimum debt Progressive Debt Relief will consider?

Progressive Debt Relief will only consider customers with unsecured debt of $10000 or more. Customers with less than $10000 of unsecured debt may benefit from a debt consolidation loan or credit counseling services.

Does Progressive Debt Relief perform its own servicing in-house?

Yes, Progressive Debt Relief employs its own in-house servicing staff who manage the process and negotiate settlements on behalf of their customers.

What accreditations does Progressive Debt Relief have?

The two main trade associations in the debt relief services space are the American Fair Credit Council (AFCC) and the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA). Progressive Debt Relief is not an accredited AFCC member. Progressive Debt Relief is not an IAPDA member.

  • Minimum Debt Owed
  • Debt Type
    Unsecured Debt
  • % of Debt Fee
    20% - 25%
  • No Monthly Consultancy Fee
  • Pricing Model
    Contingency Fee (% of enrolled debt)
  • Free Consultation
  • In-House Servicing
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0 votes

I had a great experience with this company! specifically my counselor Robin Wood. They are wonderful and have taken a huge weight of my shoulders. the monthly payments are affordable and i was able to get on my feet and even buying a house at the end of the year!! Thank you Thank you

0 votes

Do not use this company. As per other reviews, the majority of the fees you pay go to Progressive Debt Relief as opposed to settling your debts. I was with them for approximately one year, paid approximately $1,300 in fees. In that time only two out of my accounts were settled and the settlement offers accepted by Progressive Debt Relief were close to the original amount that I owed before I started the program.

0 votes

Do not use this company. All they wanna do is b s you and give u the run around. Trust me they are more better companies out there that will not give the run around and do what they say they are gonna do.

0 votes

It's a scam Scam they just take your money stay away

0 votes

I signed up to work with Progressive and to be honest i ended up work with my creditors on my own and came out better. I constantly had to call them because they did nothing they said they would do. I agree with another post from earlier they are real friendly in the beginning but i real didnt see any reaults. I actually came out better on my own. If you can use another company.

0 votes

This company is beyond horrible. They act like they are going to be so helpful when you talk to the person who signs you up, then you get 'transferred' to the company and they are just the worst. My 'account manager' changed several times, the original guy was not very helpful and didn't see, to want to be. The other people never called me back when I left messages. The fees are ridiculous. I know I paid way more in fees than what they 'saved' for me. I totally regret ... signing up with this company. I realized my payments should have ended way sooner, so I called several times. I finally spoke with someone and it was agreed my payments would stop on a certain date.well, they didn't stop, but the emails stopped that told me payments were coming out. I received an email 3 months later that a payment was being processed, so I called and of course even though I said I spoke with someone and their calls are 'recorded', they said they know I'm upset blah blah blah but still not refunding any of the money they took out. I had a lot going on during that time, moving Etc...and wasn't paying that close attention to what was coming out of my bank account and unfortunately I paid the price. This company is unethical and unorganized and costs you more than what you 'save'. UGH!!!!!!! More Less

0 votes

My friend referred me because she had a great experience and she was right. I was quoted a 12 month or less program and I finished in roughly 8 1/2 months. They made sure to properly explain the program and what to expect. I didn't know there was a company around like this that could save me so much money. Truly impressed!

0 votes

One of the most dishonest debt relief companies. They have been reported multiple times to the CFPB and FCC. The majority of the money you pay into escrow is disbursed to Progressive in FEES. Every time you contact them, you get charged a fee. $10 per month escrow fee. $10 monthly "account maintenance fee" (whatever that means). Settlement savings fees of 50% of the savings. 40% Service fees for adding a creditor to the program.

If you like paying Progressive Debt Relief ... fees before your debt is settled, then this is definitely your company.

If you want to find a way out of your debt, do your own research, contact your creditors and work out a beneficial solution.

Progressive Debt Relief is run by a greedy, shady character who is only interested in collecting your fees.

More Less

0 votes

This company is HORRIBLE! DO NOT USE THEM!! They took money out of my account without my permission. If you can't make a payment they threaten you that they will contact your creditors and tell them you longer are with the company. I have been lied to and they don't do what they say they will do. They charge you $106.00 up front for a some paper and a CD for you to settle your debt on your own. They are never available when you call them. DO NOT USE ... THIS COMPANY!! More Less

0 votes

Very difficult to reach. Company base in FL and does not seem to have many representitive working for them.

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