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How To Sell Your Amazon Gift Cards for Cash: Everything You Need to Know

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Amazon gift cards are great, but there are several options if you prefer cash and want to sell them. Once you understand your gift card’s value, explore different selling platforms and consider factors such as restrictions, demand, fees, and payment options. Securely selling your Amazon gift cards can provide financial flexibility and turn unwanted gifts into usable money.
When it comes to the gift card industry, Amazon takes the lead — contributing 10% of all sales! Whether it be electronics, food, or clothing, there’s almost nothing that can’t be found on the platform — making Amazon gift cards highly desirable. However, if, for any reason, you’d like to exchange your Amazon gift card for cash instead, know that this is possible!
Keep reading for everything you need to know about selling those pesky unused Amazon gift cards. Whether you want to declutter or simply turn your gift cards into usable money, we’ll be sharing tips that will benefit your wallet and clear your space.

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Can you turn your Amazon gift cards into cash?

Would you rather have cash in hand than an Amazon gift card? The good news is, you can make that happen! First, you should understand your gift card’s value — how much money is on it. From there, you can explore your selling options, get rid of the card, and get cash in return.

Pro tip

Whenever you receive a gift card — Amazon or otherwise — take care to note the card’s value. Gift cards may sit in drawers or wallets for months or even years on end — often leading to their owner forgetting the card’s actual value. Avoid that issue by either writing directly on the card, sticking tape or a note to it, or keeping it inside the original envelope with the amount listed.

Why sell your Amazon gift cards?

If you’re reading this article, you may already have your answer. However, it’s worthwhile to consider the motives and benefits of selling an Amazon gift card, some of which might apply to you.
  1. Financial needs: If you find yourself in a pinch and urgently need as much cash as possible, selling gift cards could help bolster your funds.
  2. Flexibility: Gift cards are the next best thing to cash, but cash is, ultimately, the most flexible spending tool. Exchanging a gift card for cash gives you more shopping freedom, on or off Amazon.
  3. Unused or unwanted gift: While an Amazon gift card is about the most versatile gift you could get, it may not suit everyone. If you’ve received an Amazon gift card and don’t need or want anything from Amazon, selling the gift card for cash is a great option.

What to consider before selling your Amazon gift cards

Selling your Amazon gift cards will take some work on your end. Consider the following factors to ensure it’s feasible and worth it!
  1. Restrictions: The most common limits to look out for are expiration dates and limitations on balance transfers.
  2. Demand: Consider the season and market conditions — these could affect how easily you sell your Amazon gift card. For example, you may have more luck quickly selling your card around Christmas or on Amazon Prime Day.
  3. Fees: That’s right — certain online marketplaces charge fees or commissions for facilitating the sale of your Amazon gift card. How do you avoid that? Read the terms and conditions of your preferred platforms and do your best to choose one with the lowest fees and fewest hoops to jump through to end up with the most possible cash in your pocket.
  4. Payment options: When we say “cash,” it might not mean cash immediately. Especially when selling online, there may be a few steps to getting ready-to-use money — physical or digital — for your gift card. Check out the payment methods of your desired marketplace, which could include PayPal, bank transfer, prepaid debit card, or check. Set up your account to receive payment through the applicable method. Most importantly, make sure it is secure and trustworthy.

Where to sell your unwanted Amazon gift cards

There are hundreds of places to sell Amazon gift cards.
With the widespread popularity of Amazon, you should be able to sell easily. However, it’s essential to choose the right avenue. Here are the top 10 places to sell your unused Amazon gift card.

Online marketplaces

  • Raise: One of the most popular places to buy and sell gift cards, Raise offers great seller benefits. You can expect to forfeit 15% to Raise seller fees.
  • CardCash: CardCash offers competitive rates for various gift cards, including Amazon gift cards. It’s as simple as selling your gift card directly to CardCash and receiving payment via check, PayPal, or direct deposit.
  • eBay: This renowned online marketplace allows you to sell Amazon gift cards. Create a listing as you would for any other eBay product; set your desired selling price; and, potentially, reach a large pool of buyers. Be aware of eBay’s seller fees and shipping fees, which can decrease your take-home cash.
  • Gameflip: Gameflip is a popular marketplace for gamers to buy and sell games, game items, and non-reloadable gift cards, including Amazon. Under the dedicated section for gift cards, you can set your asking price and receive payment through your Gameflip wallet.

Gift card exchange websites

  • Cardpool: This well-established gift card exchange site offers a straightforward process for selling your Amazon gift cards. Just enter your gift card details and get an instant cash quote.
  • CardKangaroo: Known for its efficient gift card selling process and competitive rates, CardKangaroo is another excellent option for selling Amazon gift cards. You can cash out from CardKangaroo via PayPal credit or check.
  • GiftCardGranny: When looking to sell, Amazon gift card holders love Gift Card Granny because it collects offers from multiple platforms. It allows you to attract buyers from more places and get cash quickly.

Social media and online communities

  • Facebook: Listing your gift card for sale on Facebook Marketplace or local Facebook groups is another way to exchange your Amazon gift card for cash. It’s not guaranteed to work, but if it does, you will likely avoid fees associated with other marketplaces.
  • Reddit: Reddit hosts communities and forums where you can buy, sell, and trade unwanted gift cards. If you’re interested in this route, explore subreddits like r/giftcardexchange or r/giftcards. Follow their rules and guidelines to sell your Amazon gift cards securely.

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Pro tip — get the full value of your gift card

Expert Todd Stearn suggests another simple yet ingenious way to use 100% of the gift card value. Try trading it for a gift card of the same value to a different store or restaurant! For example, you could use your Amazon gift card to purchase a Visa gift card, a Google Play gift card, or a Starbucks gift card directly through Amazon Prime.
Alternatively, Andrea Woroch, a nationally recognized consumer finance and budgeting expert, gives us another great idea: Use the card to take care of your own gift needs. Getting ready for a special occasion or celebration where you need a gift?

Tips for selling Amazon gift cards for cash

Selling unwanted Amazon gift cards is pretty easy, regardless of your route. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. At SuperMoney, we’re committed to setting you up for maximum success. Here are some tips for a victorious gift card sale.

Do your research

Before settling on a platform, research and compare offerings from a few sources. Doing so will help you get the best terms and profit on your sale.

Verify your card balance

If you’ve had a gift card in your possession for a while, you should check if it’s still valid and verify the balance. Buyers will appreciate accurate information and transparency.

Focus on quality and accuracy

In the same vein, clear photos and correct details about your card type, balance, and restrictions will provide a high-quality experience for buyers. Additionally, aim to respond promptly to inquiries from potential buyers. Provide additional information if needed, and maintain clear communication to increase the likelihood of a successful sale.
After all, you are trying to sell something, and offering accurate information and good customer service is vital to earning the trust of potential buyers and helping them make informed decisions.

Prioritize security and be aware of potential scams

When selling online, opt for a secure and reputable payment method. Avoid sharing sensitive financial information or accepting payments through unfamiliar channels.
Unfortunately, scams are a risk that comes with selling gift cards online. Beware of buyers who request personal information or offer suspicious payment methods, as they may be trying to victimize you. Avoid sharing sensitive information with buyers, use trusted platforms, and exercise caution and common sense.


Can I convert an Amazon gift card to cash?

You can convert Amazon gift cards to cash by selling them online at one of many available marketplaces and exchange sites, such as Raise or Gift Card Granny.

Can you sell Amazon e-gift cards for cash?

You can sell Amazon e-gift cards for cash online by listing them at a trusted seller marketplace. You’ll likely take home around 90% of the card’s original amount due to fees.

Can I convert my Amazon gift card to PayPal?

You can convert an Amazon gift card to PayPal by selling it on a site that offers PayPal as one of its payout methods, such as CardCash.

How do I transfer an Amazon gift card to CashApp?

To transfer your Amazon gift card balance to CashApp, first sell your gift card on a platform like Raise, CardCash, or eBay. Retrieve the money via PayPal or direct deposit. Then, use ACH transfer to move the funds into your CashApp account.

Key takeaways

  • Convert unwanted Amazon gift cards to cash by selling them on reputable online marketplaces, gift card exchange sites, or social media platforms. eBay, Raise, and CardCash are three trustworthy marketplaces with competitive seller fees where you may be able to sell.
  • Prioritize security and avoid scams by choosing secure payment methods and using trusted platforms.
  • Provide accurate information, respond promptly to inquiries, and maintain clear communication to enhance buyer confidence and increase the likelihood of a successful sale.

Take the next step in putting extra cash in your pocket

Check out how you can buy unclaimed packages from Amazon and USPS for a fraction of the retail cost. You might just discover some fantastic products.

SuperMoney may receive compensation from some or all of the companies featured, and the order of results are influenced by advertising bids, with exception for mortgage and home lending related products. Learn more

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