No matter if it’s for planned home repairs, consolidating high interest loans, or for one of life’s many unexpected events, taking out a loan can be a great option. However, a little research will go a long way in helping you find the best choice for you. There are so many different types of loans; […]

elements of a valid contract

When most people hear the word contract, they think of ponderous parchment documents stuffed with legal mumbo-jumbo. In reality, a valid contract doesn’t need to be complicated. It only requires an offer by one entity and acceptance by another. As long as each side negotiates in good faith, many straightforward exchanges of goods or services […]

disability and work SSI

Once you have successfully navigated the booby-trap laden path to be approved for disability benefit programs (Supplemental Security Income, SSI, or Social Security Disability Income, SSDI), the last thing you want to do is endanger your benefits in any way. At the same time, you may not want to spend the rest of your life […]

15 best credit card offers

With so many credit cards to choose from, it is easy to feel like you’re getting sucked into a plastic rabbit hole and all offers blur together. This post highlights 15 credit card offers that should be on your shortlist. You’re seeking the best credit card offers available, and you know what you want: generous […]

fashion save splurge

After a long, frigid winter of wearing bulky coats, heavy boots, and hair-flattening hats, you are SO done with cold weather gear. You’re ready for flowers, sunshine, and balmy evening breezes. But most of all, you’re ready for bright, colorful spring and summer fashion. But before you whip out that debit or credit card or […]

Choose a Balance Transfer Credit Card

If you are an entrepreneur or a freelancer, you are likely, sooner or later, to encounter a foreign customer or client. Such is the global financial village we live in. While working with an international company or client can represent an exciting opportunity to expand your business, it also raises questions. How will you be […]

Fulgor Nocturnus by Tibaldi

Article Summary Our list of the 25 most expensive pens in the world includes everything from pens made from materials reclaimed from the Titanic to a fountain pen with a thousand black diamonds. The golden age of expensive pens started in the roaring 1920’s when pens became works of art and treasured status symbols. Of […]

personal loans business loans

The quick answer is yes. Personal loans can and are often used to fund small businesses, but there are some important caveats to consider. While some lenders don’t care what you use the money for, others will deny loan applications from entrepreneurs looking for startup capital. Read SuperMoney’s expert and consumer reviews to find the […]


Leona Helmsley, the so-called Queen of Mean, once boasted that only little people pay taxes. She paid for that remark and the accompanying arrogance that led her to flout tax laws by serving time in prison. While avoiding taxes you rightfully owe is neither wise nor legal, there’s no need to overpay. Understanding a few […]

credit score personal loans

It’s hard to overstate the importance of good credit. Whether you’re a college student, a working professional, a parent or a widower, building and maintaining good credit is vital. Big life decisions, such as buying a house, a car, leasing an apartment, or even getting a job, could depend on your good credit history. While […]

Business Success

There are two types of people in the world; those who have enough money and those who obsess over money. While it is true that many of those who have plenty of money were born rich or got lucky by playing the lottery, there are also those individuals who have achieved financial security the old […]

Working second job

Whether you’re moonlighting at a second job or launching your own business on the side, you have decided to take on additional work in a bid to make more money, promote your career prospects, or both. While you are certainly to be applauded for your hard work and ambition, you might also want to exercise […]

personal loan can help rebuild credit score after bankruptcy

In brief, personal loans can be an effective way to build credit. The catch is you only can qualify for reasonable rates when you already have good credit. If you have poor credit or no credit at all, you will probably only qualify for loans with high rates and expensive fees. Here is a list […]

Glossary of lending terms jargon buster

Glossary of Lending Terms

If you’ve ever filled out a loan application, you might have wondered if it was written in a foreign language. Many of the individual phrases look like English, but the document as a whole is about as easy to understand as a Swahili auctioneer. Even words you thought you knew have an entirely new meaning. You’re […]

Buying a car

When The Ides of March sang, “I’m your vehicle; I’ll take you anywhere you want to go,” they were definitely not referring to YOUR car, which really doesn’t take you much of anywhere anymore. All indications point to the urgent need for a replacement set of wheels so that you can put your old clunker […]

Work remotely

The end of the year is such a hectic time, with holiday shopping, family get-togethers, parties and other festive occasions. Thinking about money hardly seems in tune with the season. But the end of the year is precisely the right time to map out financial strategies for the coming year.  Following these 10 tips can […]

heloc alternatives

During the height of the housing bubble, home equity line of credit (HELOC) financing and home equity loans represented two of the most popular forms of credit. Homeowners, some of whom had paid very little toward their mortgages, nonetheless were able to borrow against the equity created by the inflated value of their homes. But […]

year end

You may be preoccupied with getting the right gifts for everyone on your holiday gift list or what to wear to that big holiday party – but you should also be thinking about how to tune up your finances. And although April 15 may be months away, there are strategies you should be executing now […]

Shopping Carts

Saving money on the things you really want is incredible. One of the best ways to score significant discounts is through so-called member-only shopping merchants and warehouse clubs. But determining which organization(s) to join varies by several factors, not least of which is the type of merchandise you usually buy. These 10 member-only outlets can […]

real estate

Are you itching to purchase your own home? You could do far worse than any of the 10 booming metro areas listed (in no particular order) below. Whether you aspire to be a movie star, love country music, are avid about outdoor winter sports or simply crave year-round sunshine and warm temps, there is at […]