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Harriette Halepis

Harriet writes mostly about technology and finance. She has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Success Magazine, in addition to SuperMoney.

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Best Down Payment Strategies for First-Time Home Buyers

Published 11/27/2017 by Harriette Halepis

Ready to buy a home? You’ve probably been told that you’ll need a down payment. You also may have been told that you’ll need 20% or more, but that’s not necessarily the case.

PayPal, Inc. has recently invested in San Francisco-based startup LendUp. LendUp provides online loans to consumers that most banks consider ‘risky.’ PayPal confirmed the investment, though neither company provided further details on loan amounts or terms. The company has also made some recent shifts in upper management.

4 Top First Time Home Buying Tips

Published 10/09/2017 by Harriette Halepis

Buying your first home is a big step. There’s a lot more to consider than the listing price. Terms, additional fees, and complex language can make the process confusing and frustrating – but we’ve got you covered.

Kabbage Receives $250 Million In Funding From Softbank

Published 09/21/2017 by Harriette Halepis

Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) lender, Kabbage, has just received a $250 million investment from Japan-based SoftBank. Kabbage provides loans to SMEs based on customized credit reports using a unique combination of data and analytics. It has provided more than $3 billion in funding to over 100,000 small and medium-sized businesses.

Are you thinking about installing a pool in your yard? Make sure you do your homework first! Here’s a guide on how to find trusted swimming pool contractors.

Are you wondering what the differences are between federal and private student loans? You’re not alone. A recent survey by Citizens Bank reported that 44% of graduates don’t fully understand the difference between federal and private loans.

Federal Vs. Private Student Loan Consolidation

Published 07/11/2017 by Harriette Halepis

If you’re struggling to make student loan payments, you’re certainly not alone. More than 44 million people in America have a student loan. That puts the national student loan debt at $1.3 TRILLION. 

How to Build a Tiny Home and 6 Ways to Financing It

Published 06/12/2017 by Harriette Halepis

The average traditional North American home sells for around $188,000. Comparatively, the cost of a tiny home” (less than 600 square feet) averages $30,000. Customization options can significantly increase the price of a tiny home.

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