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Terms Starting with "N"

Discover the definition of financial terms and phrases in this comprehensive financial dictionary.

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N 4N14 FormNASDAQ Global MarketNCUA-Insured InstitutionNFCNOW Account In BankingNR6 FormNY Empire State IndexNYSE Amex EquitiesNZD (New Zealand Dollar)NZD/USD (New Zealand Dollar/US Dollar)Naamloze VennootschapNab For BusinessNachaNad MoneyNaked CallsNaked OptionsNaked PositionNaked PutNaked WriterName Of Issuer Or SecurityName PaperNamecoinNamed BeneficiaryNamed Perils CoverageNanny TaxNano Cap StocksNarrow MoatNarrow MoneyNarrow-Based Weighted AverageNasbaNasdaq 100 IndexNasdaq 100 Rebalance 2021Nasdaq Composite IndexNasdaq Global Select MarketNasdaq IntermarketNasdaq Level 2Nasdaq National MarketNasdaq-100 Pre-Market IndicatorNasdaqcmNash EquilibriumNational Association Of Certified Valuation Analysts (NACVA)National Association Of Insurance And Financial AdvisorsNational Association Of Insurance CommissionersNational Association Of InvestorsNational Association Of Mortgage BrokerNational Association Of Personal Financial AdvisorsNational Association Of Purchasing Management Chicago (napm)National Association Of Real Estate Investment TrustsNational Association Of RealtorsNational Association Of Securities DealersNational Average Wage Index (NAWI)National BanksNational Banks CanadaNational Bureau Of Economic Research (NBER)National Credit Union Administration (NCUA)National CurrencyNational DiamondNational Housing Act 1934National Income AccountingNational Insurance ContributionNational Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA)National Organization Of Life And HealthNational Quotation Bureau (NQB)National Registration Database (NRD)National Retail FederationNational Savings RateNational Securities Clearing Corporation (NSCC)National Securities Markets Improvement ActNational Social Security FundNational Stock Exchange Of India LimitedNational TreatmentNationalizationNationally Recognized Statistical Rating Organization (NRSRO)Natural CapitalNatural Gas Storage IndicatorNatural GuardianNatural HedgesNatural Language Processing (NLP)Natural Law TheoryNatural MonopolyNatural SelectionNav ReturnNavigating Implementation Lag In Finance: Understanding, Challenges, And StrategiesNbboNcdex IndiaNco ChargeNear TermNearmoniesNeck PatternNecklineNeeds Approach Life InsuranceNegative AmortizationNegative Amortization LoanNegative ArbitrageNegative AssuranceNegative Bond YieldsNegative CarryNegative CarryNegative ConsentNegative ConvexityNegative CovenantsNegative Demand ShockNegative Directional IndicatorNegative Economic GrowthNegative EquityNegative FeedbackNegative FloatNegative GapNegative GoodwillNegative InformationNegative Net WorthNegative PledgeNegative PointsNegative ReturnNegative TaxationNegative Volume IndexNegative WatchNegative Working CapitalNegatively GearedNegotiable Bill Of LadingNegotiable Certificates Of DepositNegotiable InstrumentsNegotiable Order Of WithdrawalNegotiated Dealing SystemNegotiated SaleNegotiated UnderwritingNegotiationNelson Complexity IndexNelson PeltzNeoclassical EconomicsNeoclassical Growth TheoryNepal CurrencyNervous NellyNest EggNet 30 Payment TermsNet AcreNet Advantage To LeasingNet Amount At RiskNet Asset Value Per Share – NAVPSNet BorrowerNet Cash FlowNet ChangeNet Charge OffsNet CollectionsNet Current Asset Value Per Share (NCAVPS)Net DebtNet Debt EbitdaNet Domestic Product (NDP)Net ExporterNet Exports EqualNet ExposureNet Foreign Factor IncomeNet ImporterNet IncomeNet Income After Taxes (NIAT)Net Interest CostNet Interest IncomeNet Interest MarginNet Internal Rate Of Return (Net IRR)Net International Investment Position (NIIP)Net InvestmentNet LeaseNet LiabilitiesNet LiquidityNet LongNet LossNet National ProductNet NetNet Of TaxNet Operating AssetsNet Operating Profit Less Adjusted TaxesNet Option PremiumNet Order Imbalance IndicatorNet PremiumNet Premiums WrittenNet Premiums WrittenNet Present Value (NPV) RuleNet Present Value Of Growth OpportunitiesNet ProceedsNet Profits Interest (NPI)Net Realizable ValueNet ReceivablesNet Revenue PledgeNet SettleNet ShortNet Tangible AssetsNet Unrealized AppreciationNet VolumeNetbackNetherlands Antilles GuildersNetted PayoffNettingNetwork MarketingNeural NetworkNeuroeconomicsNeutral MarketNeutral StockNeutrality Of MoneyNevada CorporationNew Balance DefinitionNew Deals CapitalistNew Fund Offer (NFO)New Growth TheoryNew House SalesNew IndicationsNew IssuesNew Keynesian EconomicsNew ParadigmNew Taiwan DollarNew York Clearing HouseNew York Futures Exchange (NYFE)New York Registry SharesNew York Stock ExchangeNew Zealand Central Bank Its SystemNew Zealnd Stock ExchangeNewborn BondsNewly Industrialized CountryNews TradingNext ElevenNext In, First Out (NIFO)Next-Day FundsNexusNfa StockNfccNicaraguan CordobaNiche BanksNick LeesonNielsen CompanyNifty FiftyNight CycleNight TradingNiiNikkeiNil ChargesNinja LoansNis RetailNixon ShockNms StocksNo Appraisal MortgageNo Cost LoanNo Dealing DeskNo Documentation (No Doc) MortgageNo Fee EtfNo Income / No Asset (NINA) LoansNo Load AnnuitiesNo Load Life InsuranceNo Power Of RecourseNo Protest (NP)No QuoteNo RecourseNo-Closing-Cost MortgageNo-Fee MortgageNo-Par Value StockNo-Penalty Certificate Of DeposIt (CD)No-Shop ClauseNob SpreadNobel Memorial Prize In Economic SciencesNoise PricingNoise TraderNoise Trader RiskNok CurrencyNomadNominalNominal BondNominal Effective Exchange RateNominal Interest RateNominal QuoteNominal YieldNominal Yield SpreadNominalismNominating CommitteeNominee AccountNominee DistributionNon Accountable PlanNon Accrual LoanNon Amortized LoanNon AssessableNon Callable BondNon Cash ExpenseNon CommercialNon Credit LoanNon Cumulative MeaningNon Current LiabilitiesNon Deliverable SwapNon Dischargeable DebtNon EquityNon Farm PayrollNon Financial AssetsNon Interest ExpenseNon Interest IncomeNon Issuer TransactionNon Marketable SecuritiesNon Negotiable CheckNon OperatingNon Operating AssetsNon Operating Cash FlowNon Operating IncomeNon Owner OccupiedNon Parametric MethodNon Performing AssetNon Purpose LoansNon Qualified AccountsNon Qualified PlansNon Recourse FinanceNon Recurring Gain Or LossNon Registered AccountNon ResidentNon Sampling ErrorNon SecuritiesNon Statutory Stock OptionNon Traditional LoansNon-Accelerating Inflation Rate Of Unemployment (NAIRU)Non-Accredited InvestorNon-Arm's Length TransactionNon-Cash ItemNon-Compete AgreementsNon-Competitive TenderNon-Convertible CurrencyNon-Core Items: Understanding, Examples, And Strategic ImpactNon-Covered SecuritiesNon-Deliverable Forward (NDF)Non-GAAP EarningsNon-Interest-Bearing Current LiabilityNon-Marginable SecuritiesNon-Member BanksNon-Notification LoanNon-Objecting Beneficial Owner (NOBONon-Open MarketNon-QM LoansNon-Qualified Roth IRA DistributionNon-Recourse DebtNon-Spouse Beneficiary RolloverNon-Standard Monetary PolicyNon-Sufficient FundsNon-Taxable DistributionNon-Traded REITsNon-renounceableNonadmittedNonbank Financial InstitutionsNoncancelable PolicyNonconforming LoanNoncurrent AssetsNondisturbance ClauseNonfeasanceNonlinear Regression ModelNonlinear RelationshipNonmonetary AssetsNonmonetary TransactionNonpar ItemNonparametric StatisticsNonpassive Income And LossesNonperforming AssetsNonperforming LoansNonperiodic DistributionNonpersonal Time DepositNonrecurring ChargeNonrefundable Tax CreditsNonrenewable ResourcesNonstandard Auto InsuranceNoon Average Rate ContractsNordic ModelNormal CostingNormal GoodsNormal ProfitNormal SpoilageNormal Yield CurveNormalized EarningsNormalized EpsNorth American Industry Classification SystemNorth American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA)North Korean WonNorth Sea BrentNostro AccountNot For ProfitNot Held OrderNotaryNotchingNoteNote Against NoteNote Issuance Facility (NIF)Notice Of DefaultNotice Of DeficiencyNotice Of DishonorNotice Of Exempt SolicitationNotice Of FilingNotice Of Non ResponsibilityNotice Of TerminationNotice Of WithdrawalNotice To CreditorsNotices Of AssessmentNotional PrincipalNotional ValueNumeraireNumismaticsNuncupative WillNursing Home Resident Trust FundNybotNymexNyse Listing RequirementsNyse TickNysearca