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6 Powerful Alternatives To Manilla Money Management App

Last updated 10/25/2019 by

Mani Karthik
We’ve all heard the unfortunate news. Manilla has pulled the plug and will no longer be available post-June 2014. How sad! It was the most popular money management app in the SuperMoney community and many are expressing their shock to see it go. Luckily, for the personal finance enthusiast, we have alternatives and quite honestly, some of them are much better than Manilla ever was.

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1. Finovera – Just as good as Manilla, maybe even better!

“Manage all your bills, statements and financial documents in one secure place. Sign up for Finovera and organize your financial life in ten minutes.” – This is what the official Twitter handle of Finovera says. It’s a neat app that helps you cut through the chaos of having to organize bills – simple as that. Link your accounts to Finovera once, and it will take care of the rest. Finovera collects a 12-month history of bills and statements and automatically downloads new ones as they post. It will also let you know when a payment is due, and when you’re ready to pay. So, its a one-stop-shop for anything bills. Just like Manilla!

2. Mint – Bigger, better than Manilla.

Mint is a free budgeting and personal finance management app that tracks almost every aspect of your finances. It’s not in Manilla’s league, though. While Manilla is your “folder” for bills, Mint does a lot more than that and lets you manage your whole personal finance portfolio by integrating your banks, bills, investments, subscriptions, credit cards and the like on one single platform. It is also intelligent, in that it will analyze your spending and budgeting habits and suggest your methods to save. And those fancy graphics charts totally make sense. We love Mint. It may not be an A to B replacement for Manilla, but you’ll feel good using it.

3. SigFig – Gives you the full picture.

SigFig again is more prominent than Manilla and does a lot more than just bill management. SigFig will design you a professionally diversified portfolio, monitor it, and automatically make the necessary changes to keep it on track. Competitors to SigFig include Betterment and Wealthfront. All of which offer software-based financial advice as a substitute for expensive financial institutions and private wealth managers. So, if you’re looking at getting a better money management app than Manilla, we strongly recommend that you try SigFig.

4. Wave – Personal Finance + Money Management on Steroids!

Wave is a free personal finance software that helps you stay on top of your income, expenses, and investments, fast – that’s the Wave mantra. Its actually a suite of tools all rolled into one, helping you manage everything from personal finance to budgeting, business accounting and a lot more. The best thing? It’s free.

5. HelloWallet – No frills, just a lot of value.

HelloWallet is an app that puts your personal finance management on steroids. Seriously! Not only does it allow you to see all accounts (bank, credit cards, loans, 401K, HSA, IRA, etc.) in one place, it also helps to have a holistic understanding of your financial state. The app automatically categorizes spending so you can see where my money is going and areas where you can reduce spending. Just the thing that you want, is it an alternative to Manilla? Yes, but more. More is good! Check out

6. Prism – The best Manilla alternative.

This is probably the best alternative to Manilla yet (along with Finovera) that does just what Manilla did – all your bills in one place! Simple as that. Prism puts all of your bills in one app that lets you review, manage and pay your bills for free – anytime, anywhere. If you are looking for a bill management solution and do not want the extra pain of handling all your personal finance accounts in one place, this is it.
So, there you have it. Manilla is long gone (we love you, Manilla), but worry not! These are the Manilla alternatives out there that can do your bill management effectively and better than Manilla. Let us know what you think and don’t forget to review the apps.

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Mani Karthik

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