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Best Personal Finance Apps in 2024

Last updated 03/14/2024 by

Mani Karthik
When it comes to money management, we could all use some help. Luckily, there are plenty of personal finance & money management apps that let you manage all of your bank accounts right from your smartphone.
Based on our popularity data, here are the top personal finance apps our experts recommend.

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1. Hello Wallet

This is our most popular personal finance app. Not only does it allow you to see all accounts (bank, credit cards, loans, 401K, HSA, IRA, etc) in one place, it also helps to have a holistic understanding of your financial state. The app automatically categorizes spending so you can see where my money is going and areas where you can reduce spending. Just the thing that you want ! Check out HelloWallet reviews here.

2. SigFig

For the monthly fee of two Frapuccinos ($10), SigFig will design you a professionally diversified portfolio, monitor it, and automatically make the necessary changes to keep it on track. Competitors to SigFig include Betterment, Jemstep and Wealthfront. All of which offer software-based financial advice as a substitute to expensive financial institutions and private wealth managers. Check out reasons why it’s a better personal finance management app here.

3. BillGuard

BillGuard is a personal finance protection company that monitors your credit card activity, alerts you of suspicious charges, and highlights areas you may be able to save money. Like Mint, and other personal finance apps, it links to your credit cards and bank accounts and displays credit card charges as they occur. Read more reviews here.

4. Wave

Wave is a pretty simple to use yet powerful personal finance management app. It’s so easy to use and understand and does not confuse you with un-necessary data. Loved for its ease of use and understanding, Wave is the 4th most preferred app on our personal finance management apps reviews section.

5. Mint

Mint is probably the most popular personal finance app so far. It’s been in business since a very long time, even before other apps existed and does a great job managing your personal finances. Check out what we like and dislike about Mint here.

6. Check

Check, like many other popular personal finance apps out there keeps tab of all your bills and bank accounts, and does that pretty smart. It alerts you for upcoming payments, gives you a one place snapshot of your financial stats, sets up automatic payments and essentially makes your lives easier. Check out what our reviewers have to say about Check personal finance app here.

7. Personal Capital

Basically a financial advisory agency in your pocket – that’s what this finance app is. From investments to portfolio suggestions and personal finance advice, Personal Capital goes all the way in helping you make informed decisions. Check out Personal Capital reviews here.

8. Learn Vest

Learnvest is a great way to get a free personalized financial check up of your budget, financial priorities and retirement needs without having to pay a financial planner hundreds of dollars. The free financial checkup shows whether you’re on track for those three critical areas. Check out more LearnVest reviews here.

9. Finovera

Manage your bills like a pro with Finovera. The app makes is easy to manage your bills, pay them on time, avoid late fees, get reminded of approaching due dates within this simple app. It lets you signup and organize your different personal finance accounts in one place effectively and securely. Check out user reviews of Finovera here.
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Mani Karthik

In the pursuit of getting better with money management, personal finance and everything in between. These are my learnings along the way.

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