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Buying Visa Gift Cards With a Credit Card (2024): Everything You Need To Know

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Yes, it is possible to buy a Visa gift card with a credit card. In fact, online retailers, banks, and various stores make doing so easy and convenient. By using rewards credit cards to buy gift cards, you can earn credit card rewards like cash back, points, and sign-up bonuses. However, before you try to buy gift cards with a credit card, it’s important to be aware of potential cash advance fees and restrictions that may not make the transaction worthwhile.
$402.8 billion: that’s how much Americans are projected to spend on gift cards in 2023! Consumers love gift cards because they’re versatile and easy to buy, plus they help to keep spending within a certain budget.
Over 50% of shoppers report buying gift cards because they allow recipients to choose their own gifts. And when you receive prepaid cards like Visa gift cards, you can spend that balance on pretty much anything you want! The best part is that the benefits don’t have to end there: if you buy Visa gift cards with a credit card, you can earn points or other credit card rewards for yourself while giving gifts to someone else!
Read on to learn about the pros and cons of buying gift cards with a credit card and the best ways you can use a credit card to buy a Visa gift card.

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Can you buy Visa gift cards with a credit card?

If you’re wondering whether you can purchase a Visa gift card with a credit card, the simple answer is yes! Buying prepaid debit cards with a credit card can be a convenient way to give a gift while earning rewards at the same time. The good news is that, just like with other purchases, buying a prepaid card is as simple as adding it to your physical or digital cart.
It’s important to note that some retailers and credit card issuers may charge a cash advance fee for purchasing a Visa gift card with a credit card. While rare these days, you may also come across small retailers that don’t allow you to use a credit card for gift card purchases. Check with each retailer and your credit card issuer before making a gift card purchase to avoid unexpected fees or restrictions.

Where to buy Visa gift cards

Whether you knew it or not, you probably visited a Visa gift card retailer within the last week. It’s fairly easy to find physical and online stores where you can get Visa gift cards. If you’re looking to purchase a Visa gift card, use your credit card at checkout at one of the following locations:
  1. Online: You can purchase Visa gift cards with a credit card at one of eight verified sellers on Visa’s website. You can even customize your card’s design and choose whether you want to receive a physical card in the mail or a virtual card via email.
  2. Banks and credit unions: Some banks and credit unions offer Visa gift cards and may even allow you to purchase them with a credit card. Note that you may need to be a customer of that financial institution before you can buy a Visa gift card there. Contact your bank or credit union for details.
  3. Stores: Visa gift cards are available to purchase at grocery stores, office supply stores, pharmacies, and even gas stations. These stores — including Walmart, Target, CVS, and Walgreens — usually allow you to purchase gift cards with a credit card. However, some stores, like Giant, only allow gift card purchases with cash and debit cards. Contact your local store for its terms and conditions regarding Visa gift card purchases.

Should I use a credit card to buy gift cards?

So you know that it’s possible to use credit cards to buy Visa gift cards. Now the question is, should you? We asked a few experts why it may or may not be a good idea to use your credit card to buy gift cards, but long story short: if you can, you should!

Cash back and points

Andrea Woroch is a nationally-recognized consumer finance and budgeting expert, a writer featured on USA Today, Money, and Forbes, and a regular on-air contributor for top shows like Good Morning America and Good Day Chicago. Here’s what she has to say:
“Depending on your credit card’s reward program, you may be able to earn cash back, points, or miles for a gift card purchase. Some cards may give you more rewards when you buy a gift card from a certain retailer, or they may have a special promo to earn more back at different stores each month. … Your credit card may offer exclusive discounts on your gift card purchase.”
Be sure to check your credit card issuer’s website for special promotions and opportunities to earn free cash for purchasing Visa gift cards!

Pro Tip

Visa recently launched its Five Back Program. All new physical Visa gift cards can now receive 5% back on purchases from participating merchants. Using a Visa gift card, you can shop at a 5% discount at places like Bass Pro Shops, Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma, and Royal Caribbean International!

Rewards and bonuses

Todd Stearn, founder of The Money Manual, helps his 300,000 monthly personal finance readers and over 100,000 TikTok followers save money, make money, and feel confident about their finances.
Todd suggests that using your credit card to buy gift cards can “unlock big sign-up bonuses. Some credit cards give you cash or points when you spend a certain amount with your new card in the first three months. But you might not normally spend that much in three months. What you can do is spend money on gift cards to places where you know you’ll absolutely spend the money in the near future.”
Like a debit card, a Visa gift card can be used anywhere, so it’s a great option to fulfill rewards offerings from your credit card company.
Brooklyn Lowery, Senior Managing Editor and Credit Card Expert at, also advises, “Using credit cards to purchase gift cards can be an excellent way to maximize your rewards earning.”

Pro Tip

Brooklyn shares expert advice about how to make the most of credit promotions. Did you know that office supply stores often sell Visa and Mastercard gift cards? Look out for promotions during which these stores waive activation fees — usually about $7. Additionally, these are great opportunities to “use a card like Chase Ink Business Cash, which earns up to 5% back at office supply stores, to buy those gift cards fee-free and then use them at places where you can’t earn 5% back with a regular credit card purchase. Popular places to use those gift cards are wholesale clubs like Costco, where you’re unlikely to find a card that will earn anywhere near 5x rewards.”

Credit score boost

Credit bureaus determine your credit score based on five factors: new credit, credit mix, length of credit history, amounts owed, and payment history. Together, amounts owed and payment history impact 65% of your credit score. This means that buying gift cards with your credit card and paying them off on time is a wonderful way to practice discipline and improve your credit score at the same time.
Disclaimer: Stay on top of your debt. Having a plan and only spending what you can definitely pay off right away is essential. Never spend money on gift cards that you don’t already have in the bank. It’s obvious but still worth noting that all the benefits of using a credit card to purchase gift cards go out the window if you don’t pay off your credit card on time.


Using Visa gift cards is a great way to practice healthy budgeting and spending habits. Stay on top of your spending by allocating Visa gift cards to various expenses. This way, you can enjoy all the benefits of spending on your credit card without the risk of overspending!

Responsibly purchasing gift cards with a credit card

It’s entirely legal (and even sometimes encouraged by credit card issuers) to use credit cards to purchase gift cards. Before you do, however, there are a few restrictions and best practices that you should be aware of.
We asked some credit card experts to weigh in on responsible credit card spending. As long as you stay within these bounds and on top of your spending plan, you’ll be able to maximize your credit card benefits with every gift card purchase.

Know your terms and conditions

Every credit card issuer has different terms and conditions regarding eligible purchases, cash back, and rewards. For example, some credit card issuers don’t offer rewards on gift card purchases and may even discourage customers from buying gift cards with their credit cards.
Brooklyn Lowery warns that “buying too many gift cards with your credit card could raise red flags with your credit card issuer. Some issuers, in fact, explicitly state you can’t earn rewards on cash or cash-like transactions, including gift cards. Others simply watch for what’s called ‘manufactured spending,’ which is basically artificially spending money in order to generate rewards. If you do it too much and run afoul of the card’s terms and conditions, you could see your account shut down and rewards forfeited.”
Part of creating a responsible and strategic plan for using Visa gift cards is to read the fine print from your credit card company to see if cash equivalents can earn rewards (and if so, to what extent).

Keep track of your gift cards

Todd Stearn from The Money Manual makes another good point: “The biggest risk to buying gift cards with a credit card is not actually using the gift card!”
Treat your Visa gift cards like cash by keeping them in a safe place. If you have too many cards to keep track of, consider creating an inventory spreadsheet or list to track your spending and stay aware of how much gift card money you have left.
Furthermore, Brooklyn Lowery reminds us that using credit cards to buy Visa gift cards “means you forfeit the protections a credit card offers you. If you lose a gift card or it’s stolen, it’s the same as having cash stolen, and you’re very likely out of luck in terms of getting that replaced.”

Pro Tip

Keep your receipts! It’s easy to misplace a gift card or lose track of your purchases, especially if you’re an avid gift card buyer. That’s why it’s always good practice to keep your receipts for gift card purchases, at least until you’ve successfully paid off your credit card balance, given the gift card away, or spent the gift card balance yourself.

Watch out for fees and scams

Make sure to keep an eye out for fees and interest charges, whether on behalf of the retailer or the credit card issuer. These fees can add up quickly and negate some of the benefits of buying gift cards with your credit card.
Additionally, ensure you’re only purchasing Visa gift cards from trusted retailers. Some online sites run scams that will take your money without giving you a gift card, then hack your account and steal your personal information. One way to avoid this is to only shop for gift cards at Visa’s verified online retailers.

Pros and cons of buying Visa gift cards with a credit card

Good money management is all about having a plan and weighing risks and rewards. The following is a summary of the pros and cons of buying Visa gift cards with a credit card, according to experts on personal finance:
Here is a list of the benefits and the drawbacks to consider.
  • Earn credit card rewards
  • Maximize rewards earnings
  • Control your spending
  • Give a gift everyone can enjoy
  • Unused gift cards
  • Fees and interest
  • Less protection
  • Credit card issuer restrictions


  • Earn credit card rewards: Check your credit card issuers for special offers to earn cash, miles, or points for purchasing Visa gift cards at major retailers or online.
  • Maximize rewards earnings: Sign-up bonuses and special promotions can net you even bigger earnings from gift card purchases.
  • Control your spending: Resist the temptation of overspending by budgeting with Visa gift cards.
  • Give a gift everyone can enjoy: Unlike generic gift cards that are specific to certain retailers, prepaid cards are accepted almost everywhere, so a Visa gift card makes a cost-effective and versatile gift that anyone can use!


  • Unused gift cards: The benefits of buying gift cards go out the window if you never use them. Don’t forget to spend that balance!
  • Fees and interest: Some gift card purchases sneak in fees and interest charges.
  • Less protection: Gift cards aren’t protected against loss, theft, or expiration. A traditional credit or debit card offers more security than a Visa gift card.
  • Credit card issuer restrictions: Some credit card issuers monitor for manufactured spending and limit rewards on gift card purchases and other cash equivalents. If you break their terms of service, you may have your account terminated.

Visa gift cards vs. Mastercard gift cards

Visa and Mastercard are the giants of debit cards, prepaid cards, and gift cards. A Mastercard gift card is essentially the same as a Visa gift card, and the benefits and drawbacks listed above apply equally to Visa, Mastercard, and even American Express gift cards.
One notable difference between Visa and Mastercard is that you can customize and purchase Mastercard gift cards directly from the Mastercard website. This eliminates the need for third parties and offers more security for your purchases.
Looking for credit cards you can use to buy gift cards? Use our comparison tool to find the best rewards credit card for your needs!

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Can you buy a prepaid Visa card with a credit card?

Yes, you can buy a prepaid Visa card with a credit card. In fact, there are plenty of reasons you should, such as earning rewards, budgeting, and even building your credit score!

Can you purchase a gift card using a credit card?

Yes, most credit card issuers and retailers allow you to purchase a gift card using a credit card, no questions asked!

Can you buy a Visa gift card with a credit card at Walmart?

Yes, you can buy a Visa gift card with a credit card at Walmart.

Can you put money on a Visa gift card with a credit card?

According to Visa’s website, Visa gift cards are non-reloadable. This means that while you can purchase a new Visa gift card with a credit card, you cannot add money to an existing one. If you’re looking for a similar product that’s reloadable, consider a prepaid card, such as the Bank of America CashPay Prepaid Visa.

Where can I buy a Visa gift card with a credit card?

You can buy a Visa gift card with a credit card at a verified online retailer, at certain banks and credit unions, and in most grocery stores.

Key Takeaways

  • It is possible to purchase Visa gift cards with a credit card. You can do so either online or at certain physical locations.
  • Buying Visa gift cards with a credit card can be a convenient way to earn rewards, such as cash back, points, miles, or discounts. It’s also a great way to boost your credit score, stay on budget, and build responsible credit card habits.
  • Drawbacks of buying Visa gift cards with a credit card include hidden fees and interest, less protection than traditional debit cards, and inadvertent violations of your credit card agreement that may get your account suspended.
  • To maximize the benefits of buying gift cards with a credit card, make sure to pay off all your debt on time and actually use the gift cards you purchase.
  • Credit cards are certainly convenient, but they’re far from your only option. If a credit card isn’t right for you right now and you want to explore other ways to receive funds, make payments, and even earn rewards, check out SuperMoney’s guide to credit card alternatives.

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