IRS Requires Paid Tax Preparers to Take Test, Tax Attorney Exempt

In a press release dated November 22, 2011, posted on Small Business Trends, the Internal Revenue Service announced that it will not require all paid tax preparers to pass a competency test. If a preparer passes the test, he or she will have a new title: Register Tax Return Preparer. Additionally, each person must complete 15 hours of continuing education each year.

Each tax preparer must renew the license each year. Tax attorneys, certified public accountants and certain other are exempt from completing the education requirements and taking the test because these professionals’ positions require more stringent requirements.

Whether you prepare your own taxes or hire someone to do it, there is always room for mistakes, especially since the already complicated tax code keeps getting more complicated each year. If you have a tax issue, contact an experienced tax attorney to represent you before the IRS. An experienced tax attorney can help you with tax forgiveness, negotiate a deal on owed taxes, and will advise you of your rights if you have tax issues.

Tax issues may sometimes arise because of the way you filed the previous year’s taxes. You may have taken a housing credit that was repealed, and now the IRS is asking for that money back. You may have forgotten to claim one of your 1099 contractors on your return. The person you hired to do your taxes may not have completed the taxes properly, including taking too many or not enough deductions. These are only a few issues you can have with the IRS. Whatever the issues, before the due date on your letter from the IRS, contacting an experienced tax attorney to explain your rights can help you with your issues.