Top 11 Side Jobs to Make Some Extra Money

Candice Kilpatrick can thank her side job for being able to keep a roof over her head. “I’ve been laid off three times in five years,” says the mom of two who works in content marketing in New York City.

of people ages 25 to 34 and 39% of people ages 18 to 24 work side jobs.

Says Kilpatrick, “Airbnb has kept me from being on the streets. Renting my bedroom through them, I earned $10,000 my first year, $12,000 my second year, and I’m working on my highest-earning year yet. The money pays my rent, even during lean freelancing months when I’m looking for full-time work.”

Airbnb has kept me from being on the streets. Renting my bedroom through them, I earned $10,000 my first year, $12,000 my second year, and I’m working on my highest-earning year yet.

Kilpatrick isn’t alone when it comes to having a side job. According to a 2016 survey by CareerBuilder, 29% of workers have a side gig.

The trend is highest among millennials: 44% of people ages 25 to 34 and 39% of people ages 18 to 24 work side jobs.

Whether you need money to make the rent or want a little extra spending cash, the following 11 side jobs are good places to start looking for extra work.

1. Rent out a room

As Kilpatrick’s experience illustrates, real estate can be a lucrative asset. You can advertise your room on your own or team up with industry leader Airbnb.

This online hospitality service marketplace connects travelers looking for a place to stay with people who provide lodging via their home.


  • If you can squeeze out some space in your home—even a couch—it’s possible to make extra cash.
  • The only work involved is listing your accommodations in an appealing manner and providing the room when guests arrive.

  • You’ll be sharing your home with a stranger. If you’re a private, introverted person, this may not be the best side job for you.

2. Rent out a vacation home

Rather than renting a vacation home through a realtor, why not rent it on your own with VRBO (Vacation Rentals by Owner)?

This company gets the word out to travelers in 190 countries through a network of more than 50 websites. Their reservation tool allows you to manage the reservations yourself.


  • An easy way to make money. Renting your vacation home when you’re not using it is a financial no-brainer. Why let your home sit unoccupied when you can earn extra cash from it instead?

  • Strangers will be living in your vacation home. They may not treat your property as well as you do.

3. Rent your stuff

You may own items that you can rent out to earn some extra cash.

For example, Turo enables you to rent your car to travelers who are in need of one. The platform allows for a quick and easy transaction. They also include $1 million in liability insurance.

Another example is the company Babierge, who is “like an Airbnb, but for baby gear,” says Trish McDermott, vice president of community and communications. You deliver baby gear to travelers at hotel rooms and Airbnbs. Once the vacation is over, you pick everything up.

McDermott says, “Many members of our gig-economy team are stay-at-home moms seeking a side gig that is flexible, fits nicely with their parenting schedule and capitalizes on their knowledge of baby gear.”


  • You make money on items that may otherwise just sit around your home unused.

  • Strangers will use your stuff. If you like to keep everything in pristine condition, this may not work for you.

4. Provide transportation service

If you enjoy driving and chatting with strangers, being a one-person taxi service may be the way to go.

Uber and Lyft are the top transportation companies offering this service. They do so through an app that allows customers to request a ride with the click of a button. If you’re in the area and respond to the request, you’ll pick up the passengers, take them where they need to go and get paid.

The earning potential can be high, especially in a major city. It’s really up to you. The more rides you complete, the more money you’ll make. In fact, many people do this as their full-time job.


  • All you need is a driver’s license and an operational vehicle with room for passengers.
  • You can work the hours you wish.

  • You put wear and tear on your car.
  • Customers can be rude and sloppy.

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5. Be a delivery driver

If you know your way around town and have a reliable vehicle, there are plenty of options to be a delivery driver.

Some of those options are:

Amazon Flex pays top dollar to drivers delivering Amazon Now and Amazon Prime products.

PostMates is another popular option, and you don’t even need a car. They allow deliveries by scooter, bike, and on foot.

DoorDash hires drives to pick up a variety of items from local merchants and deliver them to customers. You can choose your schedule, including late nights or early mornings.

Instacart may be the way to go if you enjoy shopping. For this on-demand grocery delivery service, you go to customers’ favorite local stores, handpick items for them, and deliver the groceries to their doorsteps.

Shipt employs drivers to pick up and deliver customer groceries.

Schlep & Fetch puts you to work for people requiring courier services, restaurant delivery, and local retail delivery.

GrubHub hires drivers to deliver food from local restaurants to customers.


  • Delivering items to customers is simple and straightforward.
  • Many companies allow drivers to accept tips.

  • To make a decent wage and keep your employer happy, you need to be quick.
  • You’ll also put wear and tear on your car.


6. Sell your digital skills

If you have marketable digital skills, you can get work in a variety of online marketplaces.

One of the top markets is Fiverr. This platform advertises the services of freelance contractors so that they can sell things like graphic design, programming, and digital marketing.

Those who are looking for freelancing writing gigs can find work on sites like UpWork, Elance, and Freelancer.


  •  It can be satisfying and fun getting paid to use your creative skills.

  • If you’re already working a full-time job, it might be tough to fit in freelance work.
  • Clients can be demanding.
  • You can end up spending much more time on projects than you originally predicted.

7. Express your opinion

If you enjoy telling people how you think and feel, get paid to take online surveys. Some top companies that pay for surveys include OneOpinion, MyPoints, and SwagBucks.

After you earn a certain amount of points with OneOpinion, you’re eligible for rewards like Visa debit cards.

MyPoints is a digital rewards program where you earn points by taking surveys, watching videos, and reading emails. The points you earn can be turned in for cash or travel miles.

SwagBucks allows you to earn gift cards for watching videos, taking online surveys, and shopping online.


  • You can take surveys and watch videos from home at any time of the day or night.

  • Some of the surveys are long compared to the amount you earn.

8. Profit from your handyman (woman) skills

If you’re handy, you can make some quick money by performing handyman duties.

Handy is a platform that connects clients needing home repairs with skilled handymen. TaskRabbit is another platform that allows people to request help with a variety of tasks, including handyman work.


  • This gives you the chance to capitalize on your handyman skills.
  • If you enjoy the work, it can be gratifying to help people with house and yard fixes.

  • You must go to stranger’s homes.
  • You don’t have a chance to assess a situation before going in to make repairs.

9. Be a mover

If you’re strong and able to lift heavy and cumbersome items, being a mover may be the way to go.

Earn up to $30 per hour working for Dolly. The company provides moving services for just about any move, including junk removal.


  • You can earn good money helping people move.
  • The job also provides a good workout.

  • Moving people’s stuff can be tough on your body.
  • You never know until you arrive how heavy and cumbersome the items you’re moving are.

10. Offer your skilled expertise

If you’re licensed in massage therapy or have similar skills, you can make a great deal of money.

Work for Zeel, and you can earn a nice side income providing in-home massage services to clients. The Zeel app has a check-in and check-out feature designed to help keep you safe.


  • Get paid for your skills.

  • There may be travel time involved, which could eat into your profits.

11. Be a dog walker or pet sitter

Animal lovers are in high demand. Busy pet owners are in need of reliable pet sitters and dog walkers to attend to their furry family members when they can’t.

Work for a company like Rover— who pairs you up with local pet owners– and you can earn money by simply hanging out with people’s pets. Does it get any better than that?


  • You get to hang out with pets and get paid.

  • Pets are a lot like children—some are better behaved than others. Y
  • ou could end up sitting a grumpy or hard-to-control pet.

Start your side job today

These are just 11 promising side jobs for you to consider. The truth is, if you want to earn some extra money with a side job, your options are nearly limitless.

To help you decide which side job is best for you, check out our now Side Jobs Reviews page. You’ll be able to explore a variety of possibilities so you can you make the best decision.

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