Ace Cash Express Loans: An In-Depth Review For 2020

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You never want to be in a situation where you’re short on cash and have an emergency situation. But if you’re living paycheck to paycheck or even struggling to do that, getting cash quickly can help you cover the gap until the next time you get paid. With Ace Cash Express Loans, you have a few different options to meet your cash needs.

Read on to learn how it works and whether it’s the right lender for you.

Who are Ace Cash Express loans designed for?

Ace Cash Express loans are designed for people who typically can’t get approved for a personal loan elsewhere. “I used their auto title loan program when I was young and made some mistakes with my credit,” says Jolene Harvey, an accountant in Minnesota.

She adds, “My only recommendation is to make sure you’ve exhausted all your other options before choosing to get this type of loan.”

If you qualify for an Ace Cash Express loan, you must live in one of the states where it’s licensed as a lender. Visit Ace Cash Express’ profile for the current list of states.

And not all loans are available in all those states. Read on to learn more.

About Ace Cash Express

Founded in 1968, Ace Cash Express specializes in short-term cash solutions, as well as other alternatives to traditional banking:

Among Ace Cash Express reviews online, there’s a wide spectrum depending on which site you choose. For the most part, however, customers haven’t had the best experience with this lender.

For example, one SuperMoney user wrote that the lender repeatedly called her to collect on an ex-boyfriend’s loan because he had put her down as a reference.

In this scenario, another customer who had borrowed from Ace Cash Express in the past and always repaid on time had been denied on their most recent attempt to borrow.

“I was declined. When I asked why, they would not (or could not) give me an answer,” the reviewer wrote. “I explained that my previous accounts with Ace were in good standing, but they just said they couldn’t change anything.”

Ace Cash Express loans

As previously mentioned, the lender specializes in three loan types:

  1. Ace Cash Express Payday loans
  2. Short-term installment loans by Ace Cash Express
  3. Ace Cash Express auto title loans

One thing that sets the lender apart is Ace Cash Express’ 72-hour guarantee. If you get buyer’s remorse or find the cash elsewhere within 72 hours, you can return the principal amount of the loan and nothing more with no negative consequences.

Payday loans

These loans are available online through the lender in the following states: California, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Ohio, and Texas. If you live near a branch, you can get a loan in those states and the following, too: Indiana, Missouri, New Mexico, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Payday loan amounts range from $50 to $1,500, depending on where you live. In addition, your loan amount plus the finance charge and interest is due by your next approved payday.

Installment loans

You can get one of these loans online if you live in one of the following states: California, Delaware, Missouri, New Mexico, Ohio, and Texas. Furthermore, you can get one in-store if you live near a branch in one of these states: Colorado, Louisiana, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Loan amounts range from $50 to $5,000, depending on the state where you live. Repayment terms can be as long as six months but check with Ace Cash Express to see what the term for your loan would be.

The requirements for installment loans

There are several eligibility factors with installment loans to be aware of before applying for an installment loan. You’ll want to carefully examine each one as it relates to your specific situation to figure out if you are eligible. You’ll want to review them on the website here as it may change over time. Generally, installment loans applicants must be 18 years or older, must not be a regular or reserve member of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, or Coast Guard, and live in in the state you choose for your loan application.

Auto title loans

Ace Cash Express’ auto title loans are not available online. Instead, you can apply in-store if you live in one of these states: Arizona, Georgia, Louisiana, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, Tennessee, and Texas.

Loan amounts can range from $100 to $5,000, depending on where you live, but will also depend on how much your car is worth. Remember, you need to have the title to the car free and clear to be able to borrow using an auto title loan. So, if you have a loan on the car, you’ll need to use one of the other two loan options.

The loan repayment term differs depending on the state where you live.

What are Ace Cash Express’ interest rates and fees?

Because Ace Cash Express offers multiple loan types, each has a different rate and fee structure which all vary by state. For example, an installment loan or auto title loan will generally have a lower APR than payday loans.

The good news is that Ace Cash Express is transparent with its fees and rates. Also, the lender lists fees and rates by state on its website, so you’ll know what you’re getting yourself into before you apply.

What are Ace Cash Express’ eligibility requirements?

Other than living in a state where Ace Cash Express offers the loan type you want, there aren’t a lot of requirements to get a loan.

For each loan type, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)
  • Reside in the state where you apply for the loan
  • Have some form of steady income
  • Not currently a debtor in a bankruptcy case or have plans to file bankruptcy
  • Not a regular or reserve member of the military
  • Have a checking or savings account open for at least one month (checking only for California residents; not required for auto title loans)

Additionally, for auto title loans, you must be on the title of the vehicle you’re using as collateral. Remember, it’s fine if there are two people on the title, but both people must be present when you apply for the loan.

How to apply for an Ace Cash Express loan

You can apply for any of Ace Cash Express’ loans in-store if you live in an eligible state. Also for payday loans or installment loans, however, you also have the option to apply online.

Here’s how the process works for both:

  1. Enter your name, email address, and state of residence.Enter information to get started

  2. Select how much you want to borrow, then enter your address and create an account.Select how much you want to borrow

  3. Enter your date of birth and Social Security Number, then share your housing, bankruptcy, and military status.Ace Cash ExpressInput date of birth

    1. Enter information about your source of income. You’ll also be required to enter the bank account where you want Ace Cash Express to send your money.Ace Cash Express


After you finish the application, you’ll e-sign the loan documents. You can choose to either pick up your cash at a local Ace Cash Express store. You can also have your cash deposited directly into your bank account overnight.

Is an Ace Cash Express loan right for you?

Before choosing a short-term loan of any kind, Harvey recommends checking with family and friends first.

“It can be awkward to ask for help, but even if you pay them interest on the loan it’ll likely cost less than a short-term loan,” she says. She also recommends checking your credit to see if you might have a good enough score to qualify for a regular personal loan.

Different personal loans come with different rates, fees and requirements, so check out what the best personal loans are to ensure that you choose the best option for you.

In fact, you can even use SuperMoney’s personal loan engine to see if you qualify for one without a hard credit check.

If, however, you’ve exhausted all your other options, compare Ace Cash Express with other short-term loan companies to make sure you’re getting the best deal for where you live.

The more you shop around, the easier it will be to find an offer that suits your needs at the lowest price.

FAQ on Ace Cash Express Loans

Does Ace Cash Express check credit?

ACE Cash Express does not require a mountain of paperwork, so it makes the qualification process that much easier. To qualify for a cash advance, you must have the following: Valid Social Security Number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number. Bank account and steady source of recurring income payments.

What are the loan types Ace Cash Express offers?

Ace Cash Express specializes in short-term cash solutions, as well as other alternatives to traditional banking. They offer Ace Cash Express Payday loans, Short-term installment loans by Ace Cash Express and Ace Cash Express auto title loans.

What are the benefits of borrowing from ACE Cash Express?

ACE Cash Express payday loans offer a number of beneficial features. When comparing loans, keep the following in mind. They offer 72-hour guarantee, quick process, no collateral, no prepayment penalty and no faxing.

Are ACE Cash Express loans safe?

Yes. ACE Cash Express is a member of the Financial Services Centers of America (FISCA) and the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC). These organizations believe in fair lending practices and complete disclosure. With ACE Cash Express, all applicable fees and charges are listed in the beginning on your loan contract so you don’t have to worry about any hidden costs.

What are the interest rates for Ace Cash Express loans?

Like all short-term loan options, the loans offered by ACE Cash Express have higher interest rates than traditional loans from a bank or credit union. You should avoid borrowing more than you can afford, and you should always read your contract thoroughly before signing. In addition to the interest and fees you’ll pay for borrowing, late or missed payments often incur additional fees, and it could have a negative impact on your credit score.