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Terms Starting with "W"

Discover the definition of financial terms and phrases in this comprehensive financial dictionary.

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W 9 FormW Business WordsW-4 Form DefinitionW-Shaped RecoveryWac MeaningWage Earner PlanWage Push InflationWage-price SpiralWages ExpenseWaiver Of DemandWaiver Of ExemptionWaiver Of NoticeWaiver Of Premium RiderWala MeaningWalk Away LeaseWalkthrough AuditWall Of WorryWall Street Journal Prime RateWallflower MeaningWallpaperWalmart EffectWalras LawWalrasian EconomicsWanton DisregardWar BondsWar Exclusion ClauseWar InsuranceWarehouse FinancingWarehouse Of LeavesWarehouse ReceiptWarehouser's Liability FormWarehousingWarm CallWarm CardWarrant CoverageWarrant PremiumWarranty DeedWarranty Of TitleWarren BuffettWarsaw Stock ExchangeWartime EconomyWashWash SalesWash TradingWash-Sale RuleWassily LeontiefWasting AssetWatch List StocksWater Damage Legal Liability InsuranceWater InsuranceWater RightsWatercraft Insurance CoverageWatered StockWaterfall FinancingWeak AiWeak CurrenciesWeak HandsWeak SistersWealthWealth ManagementWealth PsychologistWear And Tear ExclusionWearable TechnologyWeather DerivativeWeather FuturesWeather InsuranceWeb 2.0Web SyndicationWedding Saving AccountsWeekend Stock MarketWeekly Mortgage ApplicationsWeiWeightedWeighted AlphaWeighted AverageWeighted Average Coupon (WAC)Weighted Average LifeWeighted Average Market CapWeighted Average Maturity FinanceWeighted Average Rating Factor (WARF)Weighted CreditWelfare Benefits PlanWelfare EconomicsWelfare Loss Of TaxationWelfare StatesWell CommercialWellboresWellness ProgramWells NoticeWeo.ioWest Texas IntermediateWet Funding StatesWet State Vs Dry StateWharton SchoolWhartonite DefinitionWhat Are Government Purchases? Definition, Impact On GDP, And ExamplesWhat Are Time SeriesWhat Does Cce Stand ForWhat Does Fluctuating MeansWhat Does Mit Stand For In BusinessWhat Does Nickel MeanWhat Does Oxford Specialize InWhat Does Sica MeanWhat Does Workers Comp CoverWhat Is A Billing Statement?What Is A BusinessWhat Is A Canadian Dollar CalledWhat Is A Capped EtfWhat Is A CodicilWhat Is A Contingent BeneficiaryWhat Is A Cover NoteWhat Is A Depression In EconomicsWhat Is A Dividend EtfWhat Is A DumbellWhat Is A LotteryWhat Is A Market Proxy?What Is A Media KitWhat Is A Savings BondWhat Is A Second World CountryWhat Is A SedarWhat Is A SinkerWhat Is A Spending PlanWhat Is A StagWhat Is A Tax CreditWhat Is A Tax Form 1040What Is A Triple PlayWhat Is A Write OffWhat Is Acat Out FeeWhat Is An Able AccountWhat Is An AssessorWhat Is An Rrsp Deduction LimitWhat Is Clue ReportWhat Is Credit CheckWhat Is Fixed RateWhat Is Grant AidWhat Is HbsWhat Is House CallWhat Is InfrastructureWhat Is Issued StockWhat Is JackpotWhat Is LadderingWhat Is Lean Six SigmaWhat Is MsciWhat Is Open InterestWhat Is Pig FinanceWhat Is Quality Of Life? Why It's Important And How To Improve ItWhat Is Research ReportWhat Is S&p 500What Is Shark RepellentWhat Is Silicon ValleyWhat Is Substitute GoodsWhat Is Subvention CashWhat Is Supply ManagementWhat Is Tenant At WillWhat Is The Current Index RateWhat Is The EeaWhat Is The Pacific RimWhat Is The RbaWhat Is The Unit CostWhat Is Unearned IncomeWhat Is Universal DefaultWhat Is Use TaxWhat Is Wealth EffectWhat Kind Of Policy Does Not Typically Require Proof Of InsurabilityWhat Makes A Tax FairWhen IssuedWhen Was The Heritage Fund EstablishedWhich Country's Currency Is Represented By The Code: Rsd?Which Treaty Committed Ec Members To Adopting A Common Currency By January 1, 1999?WhipsawWhisper NumberWhistleblowerWhite CandlestickWhite CollarWhite ElephantWhite Knight BusinessWhite Label ProductsWhite ListedWhite Shoe FirmsWhite SquireWhitemailWhitewash ResolutionWho Is A Qualifying Widower Or Widow?Who Is David EinhornWho Is Lead BankWho Is Robert Crandall? What Is He Known For?Who Was Douglass C. North?Who Writes Options ContractsWhole Life AnnuityWhole Life AnnuityWhole Life CostingWhole LoansWholesale BankingWholesale MoneyWholesale Price IndexWholesale TradeWholesaler InsuranceWholly Owned SubsidiaryWide Economic MoatWide VarietyWidely Held Fixed Investment Trust (WHFIT)Widowmaker TradeWidows AllowanceWidows And Orphans StockWidows Tax ExemptionWilcoxon TestWild Card PaymentsWildcat BankingWildcat WellsWildcattingWill StatementWilliam O'neilWilliam T DillardWilliams ActWilliams RWilshire 5000Win To Loss RatioWindfall IncomeWindfall TaxesWindow DiscountsWindow DressingWindow Of OpportunityWindstorm InsuranceWinner Takes AllWinner's CurseWinsorized MeanWire FraudWire RoomsWire TransferWirehouseWirehouse FirmsWisdom Of The CrowdWitching HourWith Benefit Of SurvivorshipWithdrawal Of Withholding OrderWithholding DefinitionWolfe WavesWoops Or WhoopsWorden ChartingWordpress CmsWork CellsWork CellsWork RatioWork Study ProgramWork TicketWorkable IndicationWorkflowWorking Capital ManagementWorking ClassWorking InterestWorking Tax Credit (WTCWorking-Age PopulationWorkout DateWorkplace Savings PlansWorld BankWorld Economic ForumWorld Federation Of Stock Exchanges (WFE)World FundWorld Gold CouncilWorld Trade OrganizationWorld Wide InsuranceWorldComWorldwide IncomeWrap AccountsWrap Around MortgageWrap Around PolicyWrap FeeWrap FundsWraparound LoanWraparound MortgageWritWrit Of AttachmentWrit Of ExecutionWrite DownWrite Up AccountingWrite-Off InventoryWriting An OptionWritten PremiumWritten-Down Value (WDV)Wrong Signal StockWrongful Termination