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How To Get Custom Debit Cards

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Sammi Toner
Custom debit and credit cards are fun and easy to get. Many financial institutions offer customization options for free (for those who hold accounts with them) or for a small fee. You can also visit a third party’s site and customize by submitting your own image or choosing from other pre-selected designs.
We all use our banking cards a lot, but that doesn’t mean we love how they look. Luckily, most financial institutions offer free card customizations if you have an account with them, including the option to submit your own picture. And if you don’t like the designs offered at your bank, you can visit a third-party vendor and get a design of your choosing. Whatever your decision, read below to find out how to get a customized debit or credit card.

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Can you have a custom debit card?

Fortunately, yes! Custom debit cards are a fun way to show off your favorite sports team, TV show, or family photo. Personalized cards are also a great way to quickly find the card you’re looking for, whether this is your debit card, credit card, metro pass, or work keycard.
Your bank can offer a select number of customization options for your debit and credit card. However, third-party vendors can offer even more custom design options for your debit cards and your bus passes and keycards.

Will customizing my debit card affect it in any way?

Regardless of how you personalize your card, the customization will not affect it at all. Your card number and expiration date will be visible and in the same location as your previous card.
Suppose you’re applying a personalized card sticker. In that case, most third parties clarify that the sticker and design will not impact the card’s ability to be swiped, tapped, or inserted into a card reader. However, you will need to mention whether your account number is on the front or back of your card to ensure this number isn’t covered up by the design.

How do I get a custom debit card?

There are a few ways to get a personalized debit card. One of the easiest ways is looking on your bank’s website for a custom card option. There may be a few pre-picked photographs and designs you can use on your card, but you’ll also have the option to choose your own image. This means you can pick your favorite photo from a family vacation or landscape shot and have it right on your debit or credit card.
However, you don’t have to work with your financial institution. There are several third-party websites that allow you to choose from more designs and images. You can use your own pictures or choose between hundreds of designs featuring cartoon characters, car photos, abstract designs, and more.
If you’re customizing your card with one of your own images, online banks and vendors will indicate where to upload your picture files. Most online vendors don’t have the same restrictions that banks do, so you don’t have to submit your images for approval. However, if you’re working with your bank, you’ll probably have to wait a few business days to hear whether your custom image was approved.

What banks have custom debit cards?

Most major financial institutions allow you to customize your debit card. If you already have a debit card with that institution, you can elect to have a reissued card with a custom card design.
For example, the following banks offer options for customized debit cards:
If you don’t see your financial institution listed here, don’t worry! Visit your online banking site and search for “custom debit card” or contact your bank for more information. However, even though all of these banks offer custom design options, they also all have strict image guidelines that customers must respect.

How to get a Wells Fargo custom debit card

Wells Fargo allows you to get creative with your custom debit card so it reflects what you care about. You can choose one of your personal photos or choose an image from Wells Fargo’s online library for your card. Wells Fargo provides the following ideas to get your creative juices going:
  • A favorite photo of family or friends.
  • A picture of your pet.
  • Your child’s artwork.
  • An image of your favorite hobby, sport, or other interest.
Note that if you decide to upload your own image, you must follow Wells Fargo’s guidelines. These guidelines are pretty extensive. For example, you can’t include third-party trademarks, logos, copyrighted materials, the likeness of celebrities, musicians, athletes, entertainers, or other public figures. Also, you are not allowed to include telephone numbers, URLs, account numbers, addresses, or email addresses. Violent, offensive, anti-social, lewd, sexual, political, or religious content is also prohibited.

How to get a Chase custom debit card

You can get a Chase debit card when you open a new checking account. Just choose your card design Fand open one of the eligible Chase checking accounts online: Chase Total Checking®, Chase Premier Plus Checking℠, Chase College Checking℠.
Chase only offers limited options when it comes to custom debit cards. Currently, you can choose from a selection of six debit card designs based on Star Wars, Frozen, and other Disney characters, such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

How to get a Bank of America custom debit card

Bank of America allows you to “bank with personality” by using a custom Affinity Banking Debit Card through eligible checking accounts.
You can’t upload your own photos or images, but you can choose the name of an organization you care about. For example, if you are an alumnus, sports fan, professional, or supporter of a special cause, you can include the name of the organization. Currently, there is a wide selection of charitable causes, colleges, military themes, professional organizations, and sports & recreation topics. To apply, call 800.432.1000 or visit a Bank of America financial center. Here are the options available.

What can I use to customize my card?

Depending on who you bank with, there may be different guidelines to follow. Most banks will not allow you to use images of public figures or an image displaying copyrighted materials or a registered trademark. There are also several restrictions on the images submitted, even if your image is approved. This includes the pixel count, file size, and file type. For example, some banks will only accept images in JPEG or TIFF formats, while others require a GIF file.
Online retailers, on the other hand, don’t really care what you use on your personalized debit cards. You can choose a card design from the site or upload your favorite picture.

How much does it cost for a custom banking card?

The cost of a personalized card depends on how you got your custom card. A personalized debit card is free for some banks if you have a checking account with them already. Other banks require a small fee for personalizing a card, even if you have an account there. An order from a third-party website will typically cost more. Customers typically pay around $20 – $30 for a personalized debit card design that acts as a sticker.

Key takeaways

  • You can get a custom debit card through your financial institution or online at a third-party website.
  • If you’re using your bank, be sure to review the image guidelines to ensure you can use the picture or design of your choice or choose a new image.
  • For full details on image requirements, check your bank’s customization webpage.
  • Getting a custom debit card will not affect your ability to use the card or access any of your accounts.
  • Before you request a custom banking card, check if your financial institution charges an additional fee.
  • Wells Fargo allows you to get creative with your custom debit card.
  • Chase only offers limited options when it comes to custom debit cards.
  • Bank of America allows you to “bank with personality” by using a custom Affinity Banking Debit Card through eligible checking accounts.

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