10 Real-Quick April Fool’s Pranks For Your Colleague While He’s Away!

It’s unclear when April Fool’s day originated or how it came about, and frankly, we don’t care. While most of the country is happy with keeping the tricks at home and school, we’ve brought the fun to the office. There are airhorns stuck in tight places–don’t lower your office chair–staplers set in Jello molds, and so many Dixie cups waiting to be half filled… Tomorrow can’t come soon enough!

Leave the fake pregnancies and candied onions to everybody else–it’s time to go to work. And by go to work, we mean set up some hilarious office-friendly April Fool’s pranks to scare, annoy, and fool your coworkers. Want in? We’ve got some ideas…

1. Swap the keyboard


This is easiest to do in an office where there are lots of PCs gathered near one another. Just unplug your victim’s keyboard or mouse and plug in another one that you control. When they type or move the mouse, so do you – but of course it’s your input that controls what happens on screen.

2. The Dead Mouse Prank

Stick a tape under your victim’s optical mouse. May be even leave a message.


3. The Inverted Screen Prank

This is probably the simplest and easiest prank. When you get a chance (when your friend is out for a coffee or lunch break) press CTRL + ALT + Down Arrow. When he returns the screen will be flipped upside down! Obviously, you wouldn’t know what happened.

4. The Everything is Down Prank

Just do this.

5. The Horn


Enough said.

6. Get one of these


While drinking coffee with the team in the morning, they would have no idea what’s going on.

7. Blue Scree Of Death Screensaver


Make your co-worker think their PC crashed when they get back from lunch. The BSOD (“Blue Screen of Death”) screensaver is a free download from Microsoft (ironically).

8. Give them a wake up call in the morning

Wake up calls aren’t just for the a.m., you know. Pop your victim’s phone number, a time, and a custom message into Wakeupdialer.com, a free wakeup call service, and they’ll get a call with the message read Silicon Sally text-to-speech style back to them.

9. Give him a fake prank call. (Best One)


So, this website has lots of options to choose from, and when you give your friends number it would call the person’s phone and do the thing by itself. Try it, it works amazingly well.

Here’s an example.

10. The Never Ending Typing on iPhone

Though wonderful, this prank only works if two iPhones are both using iMessage.

Step 1 Go to this site on your phone.

Step 2 Hold your finger down on the gif and click “save image.”

Step 3 Send the image to your friends.


It will give the allusion that you are typing when you’re not and drive people crazy. I recommend sending it after a text that says “The funniest thing just happened,” or “We really need to talk.”

Have fun folks!

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