10 Simple Things To Do At Your Workplace That’ll Make Everyone Happy

It’s easy to get caught up in the busy routine at work, and forget that your workplace can and should be a positive space. Below are ten simple things you can do now to make everyone happy at your workplace, including you!

10. Say “hi” to your coworkers


Try to build a more social community at work by simply saying “hello” to your coworkers every morning. Acknowledging your coworkers could help build a more positive atmosphere and increase company morale. Asking your coworkers about how their day is going, or asking about their families, encourages a more social environment that will definitely make your workplace happier, even during busy periods.

9. Plan a “just cause” potluck

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Ask your coworkers if they would be interested in participating in a potluck “just cause.” Have a theme, like dishes from different or specific cultures. Recipes are great conversation pieces, and hearing each other’s compliments about the delicious food is definitely a great ego boost! If the weather is nice, have the potluck outside to get away from the office and enjoy some sunshine together.

8. Do good together


Ask your office/departmental manager if it would be suitable or a good idea to plan an initiative that gives back to the community. For example, volunteer together at a soup kitchen, or participate in a marathon for a cause. Plan a fundraiser or buy a table or two at a fundraising gala. Take a poll to see what type of causes people in your workplace care about. Doing good things together for the larger community not only makes people feel better about themselves, but encourages a positive environment and company morale.

7. Ask for feedback

Compnay feedback

Asking your coworkers and supervisors for feedback about your performance frequently is a great way to get constructive advice on how you can improve. It can also be a great way to get and give positive encouragement and compliments. Doing this will foster open communication at work, which is a great way to avoid potential conflicts, making the workplace happier overall.

6. Be in the know

If you find your internal communications lacking, instead of waiting around for information about what’s going on at work, ask for information that may contribute to your own productivity. Is there a project going on in another department that will indirectly influence your work? Being knowledgeable about important initiatives at work will not only demonstrate your commitment to your job, but it may also increase your own productivity and that of others– which will definitely make your workplace happier overall.

5. Go out with your coworkers

After Work

If your coworkers invite you to join them for drinks or dinner after work, don’t make excuses. Participating in outings with coworkers will help you feel more included and strengthen your relationships with your coworkers outside of the office, which is a definite plus at your workplace. If you usually plan outings with your coworkers, make an effort to reach out and invite those who usually don’t make it out. Showing your coworkers that you want to hang out with them will make them feel more included, fostering a happier workplace.

4. Share laughs and inspiring articles.

The Bobcats

It doesn’t hurt to send an email every now and then if you come across a funny video, joke, or inspiring article that will brighten everyone’s day. Obviously, make sure it’s work appropriate and don’t do it too often (no one likes an inbox full of email forwards). Sending something that brightens everyone’s work day is a simple and instant way to spread happiness.

3. Be timely with your email and phone responses

Email REplies

If your workplace is usually busy or high stress, be sure to return emails and calls in a timely manner. Not only does this keep things running smoothly at the office, but it helps alleviate any extra stress or pressure off your coworkers when they’re not waiting for you to return their emails or call. Minimizing stress and respecting time encourages productivity and a happier work environment.

2. Collaborate in the break room

Book Club

I mean this in the literal sense. Ask your coworkers if they’d be willing to keep snacks stacked in the lunchroom for all to enjoy. This could mean creating a simple schedule where a different employee brings in a snack or treat every few days to stock the kitchen. It could also mean keeping different coffee brews or teas on the counter for coworkers to enjoy. Why not copy the Office’s “Finer Things Club” and share fancy foods and books? This is a small and simple way to break the routine at work, and keep the workplace enjoyable for all.

1. Smile more, stop worrying

Smile more

It’s very simple, but smiling more often at work only encourages smiles back from coworkers. Instant and easy happiness at the workplace guaranteed!


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