identity theft

Identity theft occurs when a criminal steals someone’s personal information to impersonate them. Most identity thieves use that information for financial gain — for example, withdrawing money from your bank account or using your credit card to make purchases. Others have more elaborate schemes. Some even try to open insurance policies, buy homes, or get […]

Tax Relief Scams

It’s that time again. Every year, the IRS releases its “Dirty Dozen,” revealing the top 12 tax scams for the year. Being aware of the top scams can help you protect yourself and ensure that you don’t accidentally take part in any fraudulent activity. Looking to stay safe this tax season? Here’s what you need […]

In a recent study, 45% of Americans reported that their savings couldn’t cover three months’ living expenses. Further, 47% of Americans spend their entire paycheck or more every month. Are you struggling to grow your savings and stop living paycheck to paycheck? The right personal finance app can help you get organized and take control […]

most dangerous jobs

These are the most dangerous jobs in the United States, according to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics data. You may be surprised by what people are paid for these high-risk jobs. When it comes to choosing an occupation, most people consider how much they can earn, the benefits, and if their skill set is […]


This comprehensive debt settlement industry study investigates multiple data sources to reveal trends and statistics. The debt settlement industry has grown rapidly since 2005, when it first became a widely available option for consumers. Although still a controversial financial service, it is now a significant part of the debt relief sector. This study compiles available […]

IRS Form 8300

Most transactions leave digital footprints which make them easy to track. But once in a blue moon, people still make large purchases with cash. If you are the payer or payee of a cash transaction on U.S. soil that exceeds $10,000, here’s what you should know about IRS Form 8300. Read on to learn the […]

Best auto loans for used car. $20,000 auto loan

Is it time for a new car? Are you thinking about something in the $20,000 range? If you don’t plan on paying cash, you’ll need to find an auto loan. But you shouldn’t take the first one you see. Too many Americans end up overpaying because they take the first loan they find. But there’s […]

$20000 personal loans

Are you looking for funds to finance your wedding? Or do you need cash to cover an unexpected medical emergency? Whatever your reason, a $20,000 personal loan may be the solution. But how do you know if it’s the right choice for you? And how can you be sure that you’re getting a good deal? […]


Routing numbers have been integral to the banking industry for more than a century. They streamline the exchange of money, enabling you to set up a direct deposit or easily send money to a friend. Just as the rise of debit cards lowered the popularity of checks, wire transfers are now facing competition from digital […]

What is a cd or certificate of deposit

If you have some savings lying around in an account, you should ask yourself, “Am I earning as much interest as I could be?” If you’re keeping your money in a savings account, the answer is usually no. Although some banks and credit unions do offer high-yield account options, a certificate of deposit (CD) will […]