Marcus Checking Account

Does Goldman Sachs have a checking account? It may surprise you that as of now Goldman Sachs does not have a checking account. However, it does plan to launch a checking account this year through its digital banking brand, Marcus. The new Marcus checking account will be the latest product in Marcus’ portfolio of digital-first […]

solar financing overview

Article Summary: This article provides a quick guide on how to compare solar companies using five key factors. It also includes our top 3 options depending on the type of solar installation you need. Solar energy is booming in the United States. In the last 10 years, solar has enjoyed an average growth of 42% […]

should you open a Roth IRA for your child

Article Summary Roth IRAs are designed for investors with low incomes and long-term horizons, which makes them perfect for children. Find out what a custodial Roth IRA is, how to open one, and why your kid should have one. Yes. If you have kids who earn income — more on what counts as income below […]

How to get free tax help

How to Get Free Tax Help

Article Summary Tax preparation can be expensive, but it’s available for free if you know where to look. The IRS Free File program, for example, is a great option, but it’s by no means the only way to get free tax help. Filing income tax returns used to mean laboring over paper forms, boxes of receipts, […]

how to avoid a wage garnishment

Unfortunately, getting a wage garnishment for tax debt is more common than you might think. In 2020, the IRS requested over 780,000 notices of levy on third parties, which includes garnishing wages from employers. The IRS has up to 10 years from the date taxes were assessed to collect them — even longer if there […]

IRS tax audits

To say that 2020 was a difficult year for small businesses is an understatement. The rise of the pandemic caused a steady increase of closures across all industries, which have put many small businesses in survival mode. In the midst of all this turmoil, the IRS Deputy Commissioner for Small Business Examinations made an announcement […]

Verizon Card

Are you a member of America’s most reliable mobile network? Then you may qualify for an exclusive credit card that is only available to Verizon Wireless customers. Read SuperMoney’s in-depth This is Verizon Visa® Card review to determine if this is a good deal for you. What is the This is Verizon Visa® Card? The […]

what is direct deposit

Regardless of where you work or how you get paid, it is almost always easier to get paid digitally and automatically than waiting on a paper paycheck. You might be wondering if there is a better way out there for an employee to get paid. That is where direct deposits come in handy. Setting up […]

We are excited to announce the winner of SuperMoney’s Winter 2021 Financial Literacy Scholarship! Financial wellness for everyday Americans. That is SuperMoney’s ultimate goal. SuperMoney’s Financial Literacy Scholarship seeks to celebrate students who share our same mission. Our scholarship program awards $1,000 twice a year to a student who wants to help Americans improve their […]