buying out of a lease early

Most vehicle leases last between two and four years. At the end of the lease, the leasee can buy the car, trade it in, or return it. But what if you want to get out of your lease before the contract ends? Can you get out of a car lease early? If so, is it worth […]

storm shelter financing

Are hurricanes or tornadoes an annual occurrence in your town? If so, a storm shelter could be a smart (and potentially life-saving) investment. These sturdy structures give you and your family an enclosed place to wait out high winds and dangerous weather. It may give you peace of mind knowing you have a safe place […]

how to buy out a leased car

How to Buy Out a Leased Car in 5 Steps

An increasing number of U.S. drivers are deciding to lease their vehicles instead of buying them, opting for cheaper monthly payments and a new car every couple of years. In fact, as of Q4 of 2017, 28% of new vehicles in the U.S. were on lease. However, what if you want to break out of the leasing cycle […]

How Soon Can You Refinance a Student Loan After Graduating?

If you’re about to leave college or you just graduated, you might already be thinking about what you’re going to do with your student loans. Refinancing is one option to help you pay them down more quickly. But how soon can you refinance a student loan after graduation? There’s no waiting period, so you can technically refinance […]

How Long Does It Take to Get Approved for Student Loan Consolidation?

If you’ve taken out a lot of student loans, student loan consolidation can help you streamline your repayment plan into one new loan. But how long does it take to get approved for student loan consolidation? The short answer is approval can take anywhere between a few days and a few months. It all depends […]

pros and cons of reverse mortgages

If you’re deep into your retirement and running out of money, you don’t have many options. Going back to work can be difficult or even impossible, and you may not have access to other income streams. In a situation like this, it might make sense to consider a reverse mortgage. Here are the pros and cons […]

Woman researches whether you can remove student loans from your credit report

11.5% of students with loans default on them (Department of Education). Defaulting on student loan debt is never ideal, but sometimes it’s outside of your control. It’s certainly not rare. Approximately 11.5% of borrowers with student debt default on their loans. If you make a mistake or can’t make payments because of something outside of […]

Roth IRA Vs. 529

College tuition and fees alone cost $32,088 for four years at a public university, according to the U.S. Department of Education. Go to a private university instead, and it could cost you upwards of $100,000, and that’s not even including room and board, supplies, or textbooks. $32,088 Average college tuition fees at a public university […]

Monaco is the city with highest density of millionaires in the world

If you’ve ever dreamed of joining the seven-figure club, you’re not alone. Many Americans fantasize about having a net worth north of $1 million. In fact, to be considered “rich,” most Americans believe you need an average net worth of $2.4 million. Although Americans may be divided about what exactly it means to be “rich,” […]