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16% of Americans have bad credit. Is your bad credit score holding you back from accessing credit? It’s a Catch-22 that many people face. In fact, according to Experian, 16% of Americans have a credit score that is considered poor. However, even with bad credit, you might be able to get approved for certain credit […]


As of January 2019, the average APR for a 48-month auto loan was 5.30%. Average auto loan rates January 2019 48-month new car loans 5.30% APR 60-month new car loans 5.37% APR 36-month used car loans 5.54% APR The average APR for 60-month auto loans was a little higher at 5.37% APR. However, dealerships can […]

Learn everything you need to know about the 2019 Tax Season

$24,000 New standard deduction for married filing jointly. With the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, preparing your 2018 taxes is not business as usual. There are many changes to the tax laws this year that you need to know about. Remember that taxes are due Monday, April 15th this year. Although that […]

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Government shutdowns affect millions of people but they are particularly hard on poor families and low-income workers. While Congress and White House staff members continue to get paid 800,000 federal employees have seen their paychecks stop. About 420,000 “essential” employees are working without pay. This includes IRS, NASA, and TSA agents. Approximately 380,000 workers have […]

Commont mistakes when filing taxes

Many Americans unknowingly make mistakes when filing their taxes. To avoid common mistakes when filing your taxes, tax-filing software is a great tool to use. In fact, e-filing may be one of the most accurate ways to file your taxes. However, even with software guidelines in place, it’s easy to make a mistake. If you want […]

What are origination fees? Find out how much they are costing you and how to reduce them.

Average loan origination fees by loan type Mortgages 0.5% – 1%. Auto loans 0% – 2%. Student loans 0% – 4%. Personal loans 1% – 6%. Small business loans 1% – 6%. Interest rates are often the first thing people look at when applying for a loan. And while it’s important to know how much you’ll pay in interest, there’s […]

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The 10 Best Personal Loans for Students

As a college student, you don’t have many options when it comes to loans. Most of the top personal loans on the market require great credit and a steady income, which typically aren’t a student’s strong suit. If you’re considering a personal loan, take the time to explore all of your options. More importantly, ask yourself […]

These are the top Form 1099 mistakes to avoid.

IRS information returns (aka 1099s) are forms that collect and report information about financial transactions outside salary and wages. They help the IRS keep track of events that are likely to be taxable so it can hold taxpayers accountable for underreporting. If you are responsible for filing 1099s this year, here are some common pitfalls you […]

Tax Rules on Early Withdrawals

Are you thinking about withdrawing money from your retirement plan early? An estimated 1.5% of 401(k)s and IRAs assets leak out each year through loans, cashouts, and early withdrawals—so, you’re not alone. $26.1 trillion Total assets in retirement accounts (Source: Investment Company Institute) But how will this financial move impact your taxes and future? The […]

Splash Financial Student Loans Refinancing

Splash Financial: In-Depth Review for 2019

Splash Financial is a student loan refinancing company that provides a quick and easy way for college graduates to refinance their student loan debt online. Refinancing is the process of replacing a loan with a second, more affordable loan, usually with lower interest rates and a more attractive loan term. This helps graduates who are struggling […]