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Banana Republic Credit Card: Everything You Need to Know About Banana Republic’s Store Card

Banana Republic’s Credit Card Contents

So you’re the proud new holder of a Banana Republic credit store card. Congratulations! Now, you may be wondering what you can get from it and how to manage your account.

Here we will explain everything you need to know about the Banana Republic Credit Card, including how the login works and how to know if this card is the best option for you.

Banana Republic Card Overview: 7 Key Features

Banana Republic offers the Banana Republic Card and the Banana Republic Visa Card. You will fill out the same application to apply for both, and the company will decide which one you can get.

The Banana Republic credit card has no annual fee and is accepted worldwide. Here are seven other features you should know about this card.

1) Banana Republic Variable APR and Interest Rates

This card has a variable purchase annual percentage rate (APR), which will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate. If you pay your entire bill by the due date, you will not pay any interest.

2) Banana Republic Rewards and Offers

First, as of this writing, you’ll get 20% off your first purchase when you open a new credit card with Banana Republic.

Afterwards, you’ll get the ongoing benefit of earning points when you shop. Banana Republic is a clothing store under the Gap Inc. umbrella. Other stores under the same umbrella include Gap, Old Navy, and Athleta.

When you shop at any of these stores, whether online or in-store, you’ll earn five points for every dollar spent. When shopping elsewhere with the Visa card, you’ll earn one point for every dollar.

Additionally, every time you rack up 500 points, you will get a five dollar reward.

3) Banana Republic Perks and Exclusive Benefits

Banana Republic also offers other benefits exclusive to credit card holders. These include double points shopping days, no receipt required for returns, a birthday gift, specials offers and discounts, and free standard shipping on all orders of $50 or more. Visit Banana Republic’s website to get more information on their current perks.

4) Banana Republic Security & Fraud Prevention

The Banana Republic Visa has a signature and chip to prevent fraud. If fraud does occur, you will not be held liable.

5) Banana Republic Online Account Management

In addition to online account management, you can manage your rewards online. When you log in to the rewards dashboard, you will see how many points you’ve earned, pending points, your progress towards rewards and the next tier status, and bonus cash you’ve received.

Points can be redeemed both online and in-store with a simple click. If you prefer, you can have your rewards sent to you in a text message. A mobile wallet is also available, which will let you pay for purchases using ApplePay, AndroidPay, or SamsungPay.

6) Banana Republic Customer Service

Online account management takes care of many of the needs customers have for service. However, you can still reach a live person by email, snail mail, or phone number. The Banana Republic customer service number for its standard card is 866-450-2330, and the phone number for the Luxe Card is 866-450-2335. Many frequently asked questions are also answered on Banana Republic’s customer service page.

7) Banana Republic’s Credit Card – Luxe/Signature Status

Luxe is Banana Republic’s premiere cardmember status. You can attain it by earning 5,000 points within one year.

The benefits include:

  • Triple point shopping days
  • 20% additional reward points based on your earnings in a three-month period
  • Free shipping on all online orders
  • Choose-your-own-day sale where you get your own savings pass
  • Unlimited free alterations on Banana Republic merchandise
  • An exclusive Banana Republic credit card customer service line

There have been reports of Luxe status cardholders recently receiving a Banana Republic Signature Visa, and the rumor is that the Signature card is replacing the Luxe card. The new Signature card reportedly includes several benefits, such as:

  • Double reward points on all purchases that are not from Gap Inc.
  • Triple reward points on non-Gap Inc. purchases during your birthday month
  • Five times the reward points for each dollar you spend on Gap Inc. purchases
  • Free three to five-day shipping
  • No foreign transaction fees

However, details have not been posted to the website as of yet, so stay tuned.


Compare the pros and cons to make a better decision.

  • No annual fee
  • 20% off on your first purchase
  • Five points for every dollar you spend with Gap Inc. brands
  • One point for every dollar you spend at non-Gap Inc. brands with Visa card
  • $5 reward when you reach 500 points
  • Other perks for cardholders
  • Online account and rewards management
  • Luxe/Signature card to reward frequent card users
  • High interest rate
  • No introductory APR
  • Foreign transaction fee
  • Need a good credit score to get approved
  • Rewards can only be redeemed for merchandise at Gap Inc. stores

Banana Republic Credit Card Log In

One of the important aspects of having a credit card nowadays is being able to manage your account online.

To do so with a Banana Republic credit card, you have to go to the Banana Republic credit card login page and register your user id and password. Then, you can easily enter your credentials whenever you want to log in.

Within the account management system, you can check your Banana Republic card balance, activate your card, add another person who is authorized to use your account, make a payment, and sign up for paperless statements.

Note: The Banana Republic Visa Signature card login page will be the same as the one for the standard card.

Regular Credit Card vs. Retail Store Card

So, what are the advantages of a regular credit card vs. a store card like this one from Banana Republic?

When deciding on a credit card, you will want to evaluate the costs and benefits of every option. The costs include the interest rate and fees, and the benefits include rewards and perks.

Read more about the different types of credit cards. 

Store cards like this one, or others like a J Crew credit card or an Ann Taylor credit card, can be very beneficial if two terms are met:

  1. You are a frequent shopper of the brand
  2. The card costs are low

The reason is you can usually only use the rewards on merchandise from the brand. That works out well if you want as much as you can get from a particular store, but not so much if you don’t shop there all that often.

On the other hand, there are many non-retail credit cards that offer other types of rewards. For example, you can earn cash back that you can spend on whatever you want, airplane credits, or money for gas.

If a different type of reward will provide more value to you, then a regular credit card is the way to go.

Monica Eaton-Cardone, co-founder, and COO of Chargebacks911 says, “Everything else being equal, I would always recommend a major card that offers some type of reward, particularly for those who pay off their cards in full each month. Store cards may offer small rewards for shopping in that particular store, but unless you frequent that establishment on a daily basis, the flexibility of using a major card wins out.”

Banana Republic Visa Card FAQ

Is there a Banana Republic Visa Card cash back or rewards program?

Banana Republic Visa Card is a cashback card. This means you earn a percentage of your purchase as a cash reward. With Banana Republic Visa Card you receive 1% cash back on every purchase. For example, if you buy a $1,000 laptop, you will receive $10 back in cash. However, you can earn up to 5% for purchases in a bonus category.

What are the Banana Republic Visa Card benefits?

Banana Republic Visa Card provides the following benefits:

Fraud Liability
ID Theft Protection
Reports to major credit bureaus

Does Banana Republic Visa Card have an introductory APR offer?

Banana Republic Visa Card does not offer an introductory rate on new purchases.

What are the Banana Republic Visa Card fees?

Annual Fee: $0
Foreign Transaction Fee: 3%
Late Payment Fee: $38

Does Banana Republic Visa Card have a foreign transaction fee?

Banana Republic Visa Card charges a foreign transaction fee of 3%. For example, if you spend $2,000 on a week vacation abroad you would pay a foreign transaction fee of $60. If you travel abroad you may want to leave this card at home and apply for one that doesn’t charge a foreign transaction fee.

To review and compare credit cards with rewards, click here and tick the box for “Rewards” in the left-hand menu.