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Best Retail Credit Cards

April 2024

Most major retailers offer a store credit card that you can use at their store. Some even allow you to use the card everywhere else. But which stores offer the best retail credit cards?
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If you've ever shopped at a large retailer, it's likely you've heard of the pitch: "You can get a discount if you apply for our credit card". If you're the type of person who tends to shop at one particular store a lot, then these offers can sometimes benefit you more than a general-purpose card.
What's more, these retail credit cards are often easier to get approved for than more general cards. So if you don't have great credit, retail cards can be an great option.
You'll want ot make sure you know whether the card is a "closed-loop" or "open-loop" card. Closed-loop cards can only be used at the issuing store, or stores under the same umbrella if it's a company with different brands. If you want to use your retail card everywhere, you'll want a card with a Visa or Mastercard logo on the front. These will be "open-loop" cards.
Below is a list of the best retail store credit cards as determined by the votes of SuperMoney community members and SuperMoney's algorithms.
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FAQs on Retail Credit Cards

What are retail credit cards?

Retail store credit cards work similarly to traditional credit cards. You make purchases on the card that you can pay off over time. Each month you will be required to make a minimum payment. The interest rates on store credit cards tend to be higher than you would have on a traditional card.

Are store cards worth it?

Depends on the card. There are some amazing retail credit cards avaialble with huge rewards. If you are a regulat shopper at Amazon for example, you should definitely get their retail credit card. It's a no-brainer.
If you're looking at a retail credit card because you are just starting out with credit or have made some missteps with your credit history, a store credit card can be a better option than a secured credit card. This is especially true if you can't afford a security deposit. But it's important to note that store credit cards often send out offers and discounts to cardholders. If you think this will encourage you to overspend, it might not be worth it.
In any case, there's nothing wrong with choosing a store credit card over a regular rewards credit card, as long as you understand the pros and cons and do your due diligence.

What store credit cards can you use anywhere?

Make sure you know the difference between “closed-loop” cards and “open-loop” cards. One major drawback to store credit cards is that many of them are "closed-loop". This means you can only use the card at the retailer, either online, in the store, or both. If you want a card you can use anywhere, look for one with a Visa or Mastercard label on the front. These are known as “open-loop” cards.

How easy is it to be approved for a store credit card?

While it can be easier to be approved for a store credit card than most other types of cards, it’s by no means guaranteed. In general, you can be approved for a store credit card with a limited credit history, or with fair or average credit.

How do the terms of store credit cards compare to secured cards?

Store credit cards can be a valuable way to help you rebuild your credit, but they often come with higher standard interest rates than most credit cards, even secured cards. But unlike a secured credit card, you’ll never be asked to make a deposit to open a retail credit card account. And although some secured cards have annual fees, it’s extremely rare to find a store credit card that has an annual fee.

What retail stores offer credit cards? Here's a list of 255 retail stores that do

If you shop at these retailers often, it may be worth considering to apply for a store credit card. The list of retail stores that offer credit cards is up to date as of April 2019.

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